Marian Kraus Photography - Fine Portrait Photographs For Corporate Art Collections

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Marian Kraus is one of the finest photographers working today, specializing in the creation of corporate art collections that are perfect suited for the decoration of office buildings or home spaces. The Marian Kraus Photography site hosts a plethora of samples from the vast array of portrait, nature, and specially designed corporate art collections attributed to his name, all made available for direct purchase at reasonable prices straight from the artist's online home.

Kraus' exceptional exterior and interior photographs capture images of architectural beauty and the special magnificence of well-designed interior spaces through the photographer's unique perspective, creating a range of images perfectly suited for a home in any corporate art collection. Along with the Marian Kraus Photography "Elements" line (exquisite captures of any trade products used for a business' marketing purposes) the range of available exterior and interior photographs can be used to create an attractive and classic illustration of your business, whether for use in decoration or advertising.

The "People" corporate art collection at Marian Kraus Photography hosts a fine array of portrait photographs that work to instill a touch of Kraus' intimate capture of the human face into any corporate art collection or company space. These images can also be specially requested, allowing Kraus to capture business scenarios or personnel portraits for personal or corporate art collection use.

Another highlight of Marian Kraus' Photography is the body of work that makes up his corporate art collection "The Golden Ratio", a series that celebrates the beauty of nature through juxtaposed images comparing natural design formations with those created by humankind. These images are perfectly suited for a corporate art collection as they work to demonstrate the earth's influence on every space, illustrating Kraus' keen eye for the parallels between the natural and manmade world in a manner ideal for bringing extra interest to any space.

A number of inspirational photo collections and books round out the offerings made available by Marian Kraus Photography for any private or corporate art collection. These images are motivational and tailor made for work environments, whether at home or at office, helping professionals of all types to further their productivity and output in an unparalleled manner.

A fully secure and easy-to-use online store allows for convenient browsing and purchase of works from the Marian Kraus corporate art collection or the commission of Kraus' service in your own project. The online store is exceptionally designed and sorts all of Kraus' beautiful works into appropriate categories so that finding the perfect piece for any collection is never a difficult task. Affordable prices combine with outstanding images to make the Marian Kraus Photography collection the perfect choice for any buyer seeking to illuminate their office or personal space with an array of outstanding fine art.

Log on now to explore the vision and beauty of Marian Kraus Photography or to contact the artist himself for your upcoming project. With an array of breathtaking images, all available for order at affordable prices, Marian Kraus Photography is the best resource for any corporate art collection.

For more information, visit MarianKrausPhotography.

Marian Kraus Photography is a commercial photography company specializing in commercial, architecture, and fine arts photography. For more information, visit

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