Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton - Do you approve?

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Unless you've been out in the wilderness for the last few weeks, you have likely heard that Bill Clinton (alpha male) and his wife Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton has finally got engaged to her long time squeeze Marc Mezvinsky. This is not a huge surprise to those who have been following the couple closely from their small beginnings in Washington, all the way to their mutual experience at Stanford.

Both Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton come from political families. Marc Mezvinsky is the son of an Iowa congressman, and as I just mentioned we all know who Chelsea Clinton's parents are.

According to sources, the item of Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton could not be happier. By tying the knot, they are vowing to stay together forever, a scary prospect for a couple whose lives are so in the limelight. However, we have been recieving e-mails from people saying they "do not approve" of the marriage simply because Chelsea is a Christian and Marc Mezvinsky is jewish. Personally, I find this completely racist and anti-semetic.

It should not matter a person's religious background, even if marriage is considered a "religious sacrament" of sorts. They both believe in the "same God" technically, so I don't think it should be a problem. In fact, I believe that religion is playing less and less of a part in culture today, and those whose value systems are based around it are gasping for air in an effort to get their culture back.

However, the internet is about community. We want you to tell us what you think! We are also well-prepared to reward you handsomely for your opinion. If you follow the links in this article, as well as at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to a basic poll asking whether or not you approve of Chelsea's engagement to Marc Mezvinsky. After you vote, you simply select whether you want a $1000 gas card or a $500 best buy gift card. You will NOT recieve ANYTHING if you do not enter your e-mail address after you choose your gift! This is very important! People have e-mailed me asking why they didn't get anything and I check and they didn't enter their e-mail address! So be sure to do so, this will be interesting to see and I will keep you posted.

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