Mapping the Human Existence

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The discovery of the existence of DNA has not been enough for scientists since there is more part of the puzzle to be revealed. For instance, to fully understand human existence, genetics and heredity, every gene on the human chromosome has to be determined including their function and the function for their placement. This process is called DNA Mapping, a very complex and intricate means to dig deep everything about the human Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid.

DNA Mapping has a variety of purposes. The human life is reliant on DNA, on every pairing of bases, arrangement of genes and chromosomes. Any mismatch, missing piece or extra piece can be fatal to a person. Errors can even cause the death of an unborn child. If not, the baby can die shortly after birth or become disfigured or predisposed to certain diseases all the day of his or her life. The human DNA is still so mysterious, yet slowly, scientists are able to unravel minute details. A complete information can save a lot of lives, prevent reproduction and development problems as well as find cures for untreatable conditions. The success of this procedure can also prove evolution. It can pinpoint certain mutations which brought improvements to the form, figure and functioning of the human body from its believed ape ancestor. It can also enable scientists to explain the differences in human race- why there are Asians, Caucasians and Negroids if there is only one breed of human ancestry. It can even link humans to other animals and to the human ecosystem where he lives.

Indeed, DNA mapping can complete the human puzzle. The difficulty in figuring out every gene and chromosome along with their respective functions just prove how progressive and unique humans are. It is like figuring out every wiring on the boards of the computers so it can work and deliver its purpose. Any slight deviation can bring about a defect or give another function. For instance, a scientist jokingly says that mismatches can make a gorilla, earthworm or elephant instead. As such, the quest for the human existence will only be completed with the unraveling of the DNA blunders.

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