Manuka Honey Skin Care Regimes-How Effective Are They?

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For years, the ancient manuka honey is said to have been a major healer for several body and skin ailments. Since it is naturally available, the products so formed with this composition are truly magical. In this context, Michael McIntosh remarked, “We created this range to help woman enjoy more youthful, glowing and healthier looking skin. We achieved our goal but some of the results customers are testifying to are totally unexpected“. So are you curious to know about this product? Let’s unveil the excitement!

ManukaSea Magic! a perfect combination of the incredible properties and essential sea products provides the revolutionary skin care formulation. So now, what are the factors that make manuka honey such a powerful and active ingredient? Manuka honey is found in the flowers of the monofloral manuka honey shrub. The excellent element which actually makes the nectar to perform so well (when applied on the surface or even deep within) is the non-hydrogen peroxide property of the nectar. This provides an antibacterial shield and prevents the formation or growth of ailments within the system. The nectar is immensely powerful and has the ability to cure several skin and body ordeals when applied.

The strength of manuka honey can be determined by the UMF or the unique manuka factor. This is usually measured on a scale of UMF 0-30. Ratings of 0 are considered as the weakest while that of 30 are the ones with the most medicinal properties. Any UMF rating below 10 is said to be unsuitable for therapeutic usage whereas those of UMF16 are the best for the purpose. Manuka honey when mixed with essential seaweeds is a fabulous combination that nourishes the surface from within. In ManukaSea, the products are prepared from nectar of UMF 20, along with seaweeds enriched with vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, niacin and even trace elements. What’s more, the combination comprises of volcanic ash clay, coconut oil and almond oil with a major ingredient-Vitamin E, known as the best care for the skin.

With so many benefits, the nectar is fast attaining international recognition worldwide. The natural remedy surpasses many penicillin’s and antibiotics to emerge as the winner in quality and performance. To develop the right skin care regime it is not required incorporating the usage of several care products. It is best to recognize and understand how manuka honey skin care can actually be beneficial for your skin.

The immense effect of ManukaSea! Magic has been attracting several consumers and researchers far and wide. Although, the product is not meant for retail distributors, it is completely available at the company’s website.

Contact Michael McIntosh for all your skin care issues. Check out manuka honey for more details.

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