Manuka Honey Combines With Natural Ingredients For A Fabulous Skin

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The incredible results of manuka honey take most people by surprise. ManukaSea Magic founder, Michael McIntosh believed in the remarkable properties of the nectar and created the immensely popular line of products ManukaSea. These products are suited for exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturisation. In fact, several consumers reported of reduced acne, blemishes and dryness of the skin. These people reportedly saw a marked difference in the texture of their surface and also in skin ailments.

The fantastic manuka honey is composed of certain essential ingredients along with the nectar. These are seaweeds, volcanic ash, coconut oil, almond extracts and vitamin E. These naturally available ingredients are great nourishing agents and together create a formula which is simply unbelievable. This is the reason why the composition is known as ManukaSea Magic.

Manuka honey is regarded as a suitable moisturiser and rejuvenator. However, during the advent of civilisation, several ailments were cured with the application of the antibacterial substance. The nectar was so effective that it was utilised continuously to heal injuries in war. But gradually with the discovery of penicillin and antibiotic drugs, the nectar started to loose its popularity.

The incredible manuka honey is collected from the extracts of the bush. The nectar is used in accurate proportions, mixed with the exact combination of the essential elements. The strength of the nectar is decided on the UMF or unique manuka factor. This is a scale that measures the potential and effectiveness of the honey on skin problems like eczema, dermatitis, MRSA and staph infections.

The range of products created from the nectar is a wonderful nutritional agent suited for the surface. This replenishes and flourishes the radiance of the skin. “We created this range to help woman enjoy more youthful, glowing and healthier looking skin. We achieved our goal but some of the results customers are testifying to are totally unexpected“, remarked Michael. The nectar is now popular all over the world with more and more people trusting on the properties of the nectar. The honey is so much effective that it can work even if diluted for over 100 times, in contrary to ordinary nectars.

ManukaSea Magic consists of the following three products. They are enlisted below:

Sea Salt Scrub
This is a fabulous mix of sea salt crystals, natural seaweeds and vitamins that help in polishing the surface. It aids in exfoliating the dead skin cells to stimulate blood flow for a smooth and radiant surface.

Volcanic Ash Clay Mask
It helps in extracting all the dirt, dust and impurities on the surface. Proper application wipes and cleanses out any bacteria or debris accumulated with the pores.

Manuka Honey Moisturiser
Renowned to be a natural moisturising agent and nourisher, the active ingredients of the product makes the skin supple. This natural remedy prevents signs of ageing, dull and dark spots.

The manuka honey in ManukaSea Magic! is brought from New Zealand and the seaweeds are harvested from the western coast of Ireland. Michael justifies that it is not required to use multiple products to rejuvenate the skin. With the manuka honey skin care product range, you can indulge into a complete line of nourishing agent.

The product is sold by the ManukaSea Magic! but is already a rage in several salons across the state. These are marketed by Includa Pty Ltd and are distributed all over.

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