Mannatech Osolean Review

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Globally, people are eating more and exercising less. This trend is driving the $89 billion weight loss industry.

• The U.S. owns an estimated 70% of this market, or $62.2 billion, with growth estimated at 6% per year.1,2

• Japan is the 2nd largest market.1

• Australia spends about $0.5 billion per year.3

Trends in dieting reveal more people are dieting more often and for longer periods than ever before.

1. More People:4
• 45% of men diet, up from just 10% in 2002
• 61% of women diet, up from 23% in 2002

2. More Often: The number of dieting attempts per year increased from 2.5 in
2004 to 4 in 2007.5

3. For Longer Periods:
• The average time on a diet is 10 weeks.1
• The average dieting woman spends 6.4 months per year on a diet.2
• The typical dieter starts at age 20+ and continues until age 60+.1
• The typical U.S. woman dieter spends at least 21 YEARS of her life dieting!

In alignment with Mannatech's Intelligent SupplementationSM philosophy, Mannatech's Enriching Quality of LifeSM brand promise, and recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight, Mannatech has developed OsoLean™ powder, an advanced technology at the forefront of the weight management industry.

The OsoLean powder is a specially formulated, proprietary whey protein blend that has been shown to enhance fat loss while maintaining lean muscle, when combined with a reduced calorie diet and proper exercise.*

The effectiveness of OsoLean powder is backed by a recent human clinical trial. By adding OsoLean powder to their reduced-calorie diets, participants lost twice as much fat over a 12-week period than people who only reduced their caloric intake.

Among the reduced calorie dieters, half the weight loss was fat, and half was muscle. By adding OsoLean powder, almost 75% of the weight loss was fat!*
In addition to its powerful fat-loss effectiveness,* OsoLean powder is all natural, with no preservatives or fillers, and provides:
-- 20% of the daily value of protein per serving
-- 22% of the daily value of calcium per serving.

The OsoLean powder is a reliable supplement for those who are ready to take control of their weight management.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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