Manicuring the mane the Brazilian way

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The crowning glory of every individual is the hair. Healthier and stronger hair is always in vogue. Even if the hair cut is short or long, having healthy hair is a dream of every person. We all wish to have dense, long hair. This health of your hair reflects in every move and builds up confidence. As we have seen that hair types vary from person to person, it is very much important to take good care of the crown we already have. For this we need to understand structure of hair, how to provide best of food to it in order to get it grow well and look healthy. There are various components which make our hair like every other part of the body. Keratin is one of the key structural components, which makes the outer layer of our skin, hair and nail. This one bundles up to form intermediate filaments those are insoluble and tough as well as strong in nature. This layer is formed with the dead cells in our body. Newly generated cells push up the old layer and thus protect the new keratin layer underneath by forming a tougher outer layer of dead cells. So, when we talk about making our hair stronger and tougher, we naturally have to take care of strengthening this key element. Keratin treatment is very much useful is re-strengthening the hair body. Food sources which help in strengthening this layer are sea food like shrimp, tuna and cod, other sources are beef, salmon. Other than this for vegans there are high protein food like lentils, beans nut, whole grains etc. Adding moisturizer to this layer also works well; this can be achieved by oiling it regularly and applying serums or conditioners after every wash.

Apart from this there are many other treatments offered in salons which revitalize and rejuvenates the growth of keratin. Brazilian keratin treatment is one of them. This is a one of the kind treatment, which makes your hair shinier, healthier and stronger by adding rejuvenating complex compounds to your hair strands externally. The result of this treatments is seen immediately, like before and after within few hours. This treatment also relaxes the strands and straightens them. This treatment also adds a protective layer onto hair which protects the wearing out of existing keratin. Smoothened and relaxed hair stay in style for longer giving us the much needed confidence all day long.

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