Managing African-Caucasian Hair

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The world is shrinking due to modern technology. More and more people are travelling to far-off places and relocating themselves. There is also the trend of inter-continental marriages. These mixed marriages has one problem that is the managing the hair of African and Caucasian children. One of the lesser-known challenges in parenting such mixed race children is how to manage their hair.

There is a vast difference in the hair of mixed race children. Their hair is not same as their parents, but is a mixture of both. Caucasian hair has a tendency to be long, soft and slippery in texture, while African hair has the tendency to be kinky, coarse and woolly. Another difference between these two types of hair is that Caucasian hair requires washing every few days to keep away from greasiness, but the African hair can be washed less frequently, but needs to be oiled often, to avoid breakage.

When there is a mixture of these two types of hair you will find that such hair is straighter than African hair, but has the kink from the African parent. It can also stronger and coarser than Caucasian hair and is more voluminous as it has the African touch.

The mixture of these two hair type is beautiful, long strong hair, mostly wavy or curly as well. As it has qualities of both hairs so it is difficult to manage them and it tangles also very easily. As there are certain qualities in this type of hair you can try out the various styles like the braiding, twisting cornrowing, or threading. This type of hair tangles and so there is more breakage of hair. To avoid breakage of this type of hair you should try using a hair moisturiser. The mixed race hair does not need oiling like African hair and for it a good moisturiser is enough. You can also try different types of combs like plastic and bone. These different combs have different handles and allow different angles from which to handle the hair.

If you braid your hair then it will grow and also rest so it will get stronger. Such hair is more towards Caucasian and it can be managed with such items like shampoos and treatments and gadgets like curling irons or straightening irons

If the mixed hair that has a tendency towards African may not be strong enough to be exposed regularly to such gadgets. So you have to take care of it differently. You can have a straightening iron at home that will be very helpful for you. If you take a few small steps than your hair will be beautiful and would be envy of all your friends

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