Manage Your Store Via Cell Phone: One Studentís Amazing Success

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A mobile ecommerce shopping cart made Brian Walsh a fortune. Brian didnít think of himself as an internet entrepreneur, he just really liked to text on his phone. The thing is, Brian was a shy guy who didnít really have that many real-life friends, so he basically just started writing stories for the internet and posting them on his blog with his cell-phone. And he did all this during his classes at MIT, where he was a student in bioengineering. But donít worry; Brian still made straight Aís in all his classes.

Over time, Brian began to get a lot of traffic to his site, and because he was an engineer, he started to tinker with it, and he found out the best ways to optimize his pages for search engines, and his pages started to go up in the search engine rankings, and he began to get thousands of hits per day on just his blogs, which werenít even particularly focused. He wasnít thinking about making money, just about communicating with the outside world.

Adding a Mobile Ecommerce Shopping Cart

But eventually, Brian got wise, and he realized that with so many people coming to his site every day, he could start making money of his website. So he enlisted the help of a partner who had a product to sellóhigh-tech bioengineering technologyóand they began to sell this equipment to hospitals. And the whole time, Brian was still a student at MIT, running his business during his classes so that heíd have plenty of time for his other activities! Overnight, Brian began to sell large volumes of equipment.

Overnight Millionaire

He could have gone to a computer-based management system, but he liked being able to manage his store on the go, but he needed to upgrade his system now that he was selling so much. He decided to get an ecommerce shopping cart built into his site that he could manage with his cell phone, and he hasnít looked back since. Heís now a millionaire graduate from MIT whoís still glued to his cell phone 24 hours a day.

Not everyone has quite the same needs as Brian, but itís still important to be able to manage your store on the go. Whether youíre in the airport, or in a dull business meeting, itís a necessity that you squeeze the most out of your time, so why not try a mobile ecommerce shopping cart?

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