Manage A Disrespectful Kid Like A Pro Part 2 – Practising Parenting

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Nothing will work if you don't put the parenting skills you learned into practice. So, stop being a theorist and get practical to deal with disrespectful behavior. Here are some brief tips:

Create Harmonious Family Culture

Kids learn by example. Should you treat them and everyone else at home with unconditional love and respect, there's no opportunity for them to talk back at all. Disallow shows, movies and exposure which mislead them into impersonating bad behavior which they thought was ‘cool'. If your kid happens to pick up disrespectful behavior from school, explain to them that that behavior is not acceptable within the family culture because if he turns disrespectful, he too would lose others' respect. Remember that respects are to be earned regardless of status in a family.

Stay Calm and Resolve Issues

Always remember to stay calm and half the battle is won. If you were to shout back, scold or hit, you aren't any better than your kid when it comes to respect. Try to resolve any problem you can without power struggle because unsolved issues will only mount up and cause further unpleasantness which may lead to further disputes. So place priority in solving the problem amicably.


Other than bringing the bacon home, it is equally important to fill up their emotional needs. Sometimes, kids need your company to talk things out. Sometimes, it is good to simply share about your day and encourage vice versa. So always talk to each other and build good rapport which enables promising relationships. Being a ‘friend' to your kid does not amount to losing your parent authority. Instead the closer you are connected to your kid, the more respect you will deserve. This in turn will refrain your kid from becoming disrespectful altogether.

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Bottom line, you need to put in extra effort by putting all these together so that your family will be able to operate smoothly everyday.

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