Making the Most of Brown Eyes

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Although you may think your brown eyes are common and plain, you are actually blessed to have brown eyes. Brown eyes can wear so many shades of eye shadow and go from smoky eyes for evening wear to a light and natural finish for day wear.

Not all brown eyes are created equal. There is different color of brown eyes ranging from deep dark brown to a lighter brown. Additionally the specs in the iris can vary from yellow to copper toned specs. When selecting the perfect color for your brown eyes, pick colors that complement the specs in the iris of the eye. Colors that complement the specs in your eyes will blend with your complexion and accentuate your eyes.

Again, while most brown eyed girls can wear a wide variety of eye colors, skin tone is an important factor. For instance those with a warm skin tone (yellow tinted) should avoid yellow tinted eye makeup while those with a cool skin tone should avoid red based or rosy hues. As a general rule, women with fair complexions should use earthy or pastel colors, while women with darker skin should choose darker colors that enhance their eyes.

Tpo enhance the eyes, brown eyed girls should avoid brown eye makeup that matches the color of their eyes. Consider a shade lighter or darker to add depth to the eye area. Colors such as beige, tan, taupe, dark brown and chocolate brown are better tones for brown eyes than just plain brown. Additionally, amber, mahogany, copper and gold will enhance your eyes but only when used lightly as a highlight or accent for other tones.

Other colors that work well on brown eyes are:
Brown - preferably one that is a shade lighter or dark than your eyes, mocha, beige, tan, gray, charcoal, khaki, olive green, hunter green, bronze, gold, violet, lavender, pink, rose, and blue. Usually silver should be avoided. Plum, burnt orange, coral, aqua and burgundy compliment brown eyes. Again take into consideration the color of the specs in your eyes and your skin tone. Chances are you will be able to tell if a color just isn't working for you!


The first step in your eye makeup application is to apply a base coat of a neutral or matte color over the entire eyelid. If you are over 40 consider a primer to help hold you eye makeup in place. Consider colors that range from beige to champagne.

Secondly, contour your eyes, by using a darker color or contrasting color in the crease of your eyes and blend into the base color. A darker or contrasting shade will create depth.

Lastly, highlight just below the brow with a shimmery color or a light contrasting color that will blend with your base color.

A good tip to remember is to use lighter matte colors as your base color, darker colors as your contouring color, and lightest colors as your highlight.

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Carol Belanger, author of 300+ Skin Care Recipes

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