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Becoming a franchisee of a successful beauty salon offers a lot of advantages; the franchisee gets guidance in setting up, salon designing, training and maintenance of the salon. Therefore running the salon becomes easier by heeding advices from franchisor.
Looking good tops the priority list of every woman and visiting a renowned salon is the only option for making it possible. With the aim to lure more and more clientele franchised salons have increased their services and offer many treatments for skin, hair etc. Many franchised salons also offer spa services, a growing but niche sector in the salon business where customers want to relax and rejuvenate, leading a lot of clientele to the spa section.
However making profits from a franchise salon can only be possible if it is successful and popular among clients. Taking the following steps can bring guaranteed success to the beauty centre.
Running a salon successfully:
Start up cost: As mentioned earlier it is not an easy job to start a salon. As in every franchise it requires a start up cost. This may vary depending on the franchisor’s design, space needed and fixtures etc. The major cost incurring is the rent or lease money the franchisee gives for the outlet.

Ideal location: Salons should preferably be situated in high footfall areas like high streets and malls. An advantage of taking a franchised salon is that people will flock in your parlour if it is ideally located and has a good brand name. Salon needs to be spacious to impress the customers. The interiors should be pleasant, airy and comfortable so that the clients do not mind waiting also.
Staffing: It is most important to recruit and train the personnel well. The cosmetic procedures performed by untrained personnel may cause health problems to the clients. If it is possible try to employ a dermatologist as well. Many successful salons have tried and it really works!
Multipurpose salon: Salons offering a wide range of services under one setting have a distinct advantage over those who offer only one or two types of services. Working women usually prefer visiting a salon where they can get all services under one roof. While you can specialise in one main area (e.g. hair), giving your clients the convenience of a one-stop beauty shop can set your business apart from your competitors.

Clean and hygienic atmosphere: Salons flourish on an environment that is clean, safe and relaxing. Products and towels etc used should be of the best quality and hygienic. It is usually seen that many people blame a few salons if they catch any skin infection. You cannot afford to put your clients at risk from infections, as it could damage your reputation. People don't mind shelling out those extra bucks if they feel that they are being pampered in a nice, luxurious and comfortable environment
Satisfying the clients: The staff should have etiquettes to deal with the clients and satisfy them. ‘Feel good’ factor is of utmost importance among the clients. Satisfied customers can help in advertising about the salon by word of mouth. On the other hand if the clients are unhappy and unsatisfied you can have a hard time. You need to be aware of the liabilities that your business can be subjected to as a result of accidents like rashes and damaged hair etc.
Marketing the outlet: Advertise the salon in whichever medium you find convenient, by pamphlets, newspapers etc. Give offers on the services to attract customers and get them hooked on to your salon. To make the staff happy is another way of making your salon successful. At the beginning you may not be able to pay big salaries to staff, but try to be reasonable to them about the timings. Giving incentives like gifts and free lunches to them can help you retain your skilled staff. This can make them loyal to the salon, thereby increasing their efficiency.
Running a franchised salon becomes easier if the franchisor provides good support in all the above factors. Inculcating all the above guidelines is sure-short way to make your salon a success!!

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