Making Eco conservation profitable

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Eco conservation continues to be a major concern gripping the world community 'Green' just does not denote a colour but has come to signify life, conserving nature and saving earth. While the government's role in eco conservation is largely limited to regulating industry, passing laws and imposing penalties, real and perceptible changes can take place only when they take place at the ground level or should we be saying grass root level? While there is no denying that eco conservation and preserving nature are values that should be stirred from within, it should be understood that there is no greater motivator than money and it would make a world of difference if governments made greening and eco conservation a profitable activity. Creating awareness on the need of conserving nature along with incentives for green businesses through incentives, tax rebates, and start up loans would be a more realistic way of achieving the goal of Eco conservation than by just creating awareness.

Areas which the government could encourage through these steps to bring about quick and perceptible improvement in the ecology could be

1. Organic farming
2. Manufacturing of eco friendly vehicles that run on alternative fuel like sunlight rather than fossil fuel
3. Manufacturers of reusable bottles plates etc. The world drinks its water from disposable bottles, which results in millions of them getting strewn all over, making it one of the biggest waste disposal challenges
4. Companies that help to harness Solar and Wind energy

When green companies become profitable they would encourage more businessmen to start similar ventures which would result in an increased use of eco friendly green products. This would ensure the perseveration of the environment and ecology better than making speeches or conducting seminars on the subject.

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