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When summer arrives and the skin requires more pampering and attention. Oiliness, pimples, spots, all sleeping in the winter coppice as clusters of colored lanterns and sometimes as too flashy. One option, expensive but valid, is to meet the proposal of the brands that have extensive experience in the category Beauty , and provide the market with different masks, gels and nourishing creams , which in turn provide for the natural care of the skin.

Beauty multinational chains looking to implement to the effectiveness of their products, natural ingredients and nutrients, which act together with the chemicals obtained in the laboratory. Here are three typical proposals for the summer.

Kanebo Sensai After Sun:

* Natural components of peach seed, apricot essence, koishimaru extract, essences of sandalwood, peach and sunshine.

* How to use: the package has the mask and a set of 8 patches that are placed face clean and after sun exposure.

* Effects: The proposal of this mask is to post-sun skin smooth, moist and perfectly hydrated despite having spent hours in the sun. It also has antioxidant and rejuvenating.

Rehydrating Thermal Vichy:

* Natural components of the mineral hot springs themselves, namely calcium, zinc and magnesium. It also has etelina serine, two amino acids of the skin toning.

* To use: remove the makeup , apply to face freeing the entire eye area. Allow five minutes and rinse with warm water.

* Effect: hydrates, moisturizes and softens all skin types. Prolonged action.

Lancôme Hydra-Intense:

* Natural components Cylindre Imperata extract, a plant endemic sub-tropical South Africa. This mysterious plant has relationships with aloe vera, which retains its leaves large amounts of water.

* How to use: it is a gel applied once daily to face and neck and leave 5 minutes, then remove with warm water.

* Effects: moisturizing effect is intense. Its use is recommended for those skins that show fine lines from lack of water.

Givenchy Black for Light:

* Natural ingredients: vitamin complex, especially magnesium phosphate, derived from vitamin C.

* Method of application: the product is used for treatment of 9 applications. It comes in black colored mousse form, can be placed with a spatula and leave 5 minutes on the face.

* Effects: gives light, refreshes and tones the skin. It acts on the spots, leaving skin smooth and soft. It is also stimulant and antioxidant.

Good eyebrows define the type of look you have. Depending on the shape and thickness of eyebrows nuetras can transmit a hard look, cold or warm and sensual.

Now if the good hair we add the makeup eyebrow , will impact both your eyes, that everyone will ask you the secret. Therefore, we will show you how to make up your eyebrows step .

The makeup should be used to give more depth to the look, it is not about makeup in any way what it takes to make up eyebrows ? A pencil eyeliner, shadows and brow gel. Once these elements is time to make up your eyebrows step .

First Step : Measure your eyebrows. Take a ruler and place it on the edge of the nose, next to it. Must form a diagonal line or touch the tip of the eyebrow. If it is not a diagonal line but some left eyebrow, you should cut it a little with a small scissors.

Step Two : Comb your eyebrows with a small comb.

Step Three: In the shade of a color slightly lighter than the color of your eyebrows, your eyelids makeup.

Step Four : With a light shade, color or white vanilla, you coloring above the eyebrow. Not much but a fine line to mark either the upper arch of the eyebrow.

Step Five : With a liner slightly lighter in color to the eyebrows, you may check the eyebrows and then you can get a blurred effect by moving a finger on the lining inside out. Remember to be mild.

Finally, and only if your eyebrows slightly tousled, you can use a little gel and combing back with the tip of the comb so that you are not running makeup.

Carefully following these steps you will see how you can enjoy a beautiful eyebrows that give a sensual arc and depth to your eyes. It all depends on choosing a good eyeliner and a good shade. It is best to use shadows rather than cream powder makeup to better define and do not run.

If you have powder shadows, it's best for makeup that lasts is to use a concealer as a foundation and concealer over shadow application and see how the makeup will last all day.

Eyebrow Makeup can not only be used when we go out and work. Looks good on your face if you just make up on the eyebrows and not others, as well give it a look natural to our face. If you do not you dare to makeup eyebrow What are you waiting for?

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