Makeover Photography – Women Don’t See Best Value?

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Makeover photography is very popular, but many women have paid ridiculous amounts for a few poor quality images, others will not arrange a shoot because of friends’ bad experiences, and others don’t know how to get high quality images at the best prices. In fact, successful Makeover Photography studios have found that men who book shoots for their partners are better at obtaining best value shoots than women who book their own shoots! Why?

Makeover photography is quite different from a traditional portrait photo-shoot, as the aim is to transform your day-to-day look into that of a professional model. The makeover includes the services of a top make-up-artist, and the best studios have their own wardrobe of clothing and accessories, to help transform you into whatever style or look you want. Thereafter, specialist photographers use the same photographic techniques used to shoot models. The tricks-of-the-trade include selecting the right poses for the client, using different styles of lighting, using different sets and backgrounds, and applying post-processing techniques (known as air-brushing) to remove those little imperfections that make us all unique!

Many over-priced makeover photography studios charge a very low shoot fee, and seek to recover their operating costs by selling clients images after the shoot. This may seem like a good deal, as you only pay for the images you want, but the price of those few images will be very high, to cover the costs of your shoot and those of other clients who do not buy any images. Also, many clients feel compelled to buy some images, whether they like them or not, due to their time and effort expended on the shoot. This type of studio does not advertises the cost of their images, and often uses a conveyor-belt style of photography, with all clients having the same make-up and background, to maximise productivity. Men buying Makeover shoots for their partners realise that studios with low shoot fees cannot operate a profitable business on such low charges, and must apply other hidden charges – the unadvertised cost of the images. Conversely, women tend to see the low shoot fee as a cheap makeover, and succumb to the post-shoot high-pressure image sales process.

Conversely, makeover photography studios that offer all-inclusive packages recover their operating costs on a pro-rata basis, based on the length of the shoot and the number of images supplied. Whilst this approach means you are buying the images before you have seen them, it gives you far more flexibility in agreeing the styles and looks that you require, and agreeing a price for a tailored service. Most importantly, studios that offer all-inclusive packages openly advertise the total cost of their services, so it is easy for potential customers to compare prices. Clearly, when selecting an all-inclusive makeover photography studio, you should consider both the total cost and the quality of the images in their portfolios. The strange thing is that men tend to see the value and benefit of purchasing an all-inclusive photo-shoot from a high quality studio, whereas women are more reluctant to do so.

On balance, the all-inclusive makeover photography studio operating model is better for those clients who want a high quality set of images, whereas the low-cost shoot studios are better for those who just want a shoot for fun and don’t really care about the resulting images. Whatever the reason, makeover photography is a fun treat, and it is worth finding a specialist studio that offers high quality, best value services.

You may view example Makeover Photo-Shoot images here.

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