Make Your Photos Look Professional - Learning Digital Photography!

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The secret to learning digital photography is a comparatively easy one…you simply have to realize that it is essentially the same as film photography. After you truly get that - the rest is a snap.

There are only two chief distinctions between them…

First: There's a distinction in just how light is captured. Currently we use a digital sensor where historically light was captured on film.

Second: We end up with our images on a digital memory stick as opposed to film. So this makes it viable to view our pictures at once rather than awaiting the local one hour lab to process and print our photographs. We basically download the pictures from the memory stick and into our computer.

The purists amongst us believe that film still creates a greater photograph, but with all of the recent scientific advancements in digital - only a very astute eye can ascertain the difference. And only then if it is enlarged to a massive size.

So on the whole, in learning digital photography we still must follow the essential steps we have always taken:

Find out how the shutter speed impacts our photos when to utilize a quick one or a slow one to achieve our creative goals.

Next we need to know the f-stop settings and how they creatively affect our pictures.

Once these basics are under our belts, then it is time to study light and the way to control it to turn a colorless unappealing scene into one which provides the jaw dropping "wow" factor into our photography.

Toss in some learning of and practicing the assorted poses and then we will have all the skills we require to shoot amazing photos - whether film or digital.

At this time in our advancement, we see the largest advantage of digital over film photography…simplicity in manipulation.

Retouching and photography manipulation is a vital part of the creative process and digital makes this simple for everyone! It used to be exceptionally hard to produce improvements and retouches on film but now, a few minutes in any basic photography editing program - and then we can ALL look like pros.

So the key to learning digital photography isn't to be too concerned with the truth that it's digital - it's only a storage medium - learn the basics of excellent photo strategies and you'll do okay.

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