Make your eyes more attractive with dual color contact lenses

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Contact lenses are also called as corrective lenses which are used for correction, cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Contact lenses are placed on the cornea for correcting vision to replace glasses. They are most preferred as they are lighter and also invisible unlike glasses. Visibility of contact lenses increases with cleaning solution. Today there are many kinds of contact lenses that are on offer with different features like UV coated that can prevent natural eye lenses from UV damage etc.

Contact lenses are commonly called as contacts and are used on cornea of the eye for various purposes. They are used for correcting visions which are highly beneficial than prescription glasses. They are lighter in weight when compared to ordinary glasses and are also invisible. Cleaning solutions and storing solutions make contacts more visible. Today market is flooded with wide range of contact lenses for you to select according to your requirements, convenience and budget.

Today millions of people have switched to contact lenses as they not only correct your vision in a simple and easy way but also improve your appearance for the better. Contact lenses classified according to their functionality include corrective contact lenses, therapeutic contact lenses and cosmetic contact lenses.

Many people today prefer contact lenses to prescription glasses for the comfort and convenience they offer. Wearing them is simple and easy and is the best way to correct your vision. Most popular contact lenses available in the market according to functionality are cosmetic contacts, corrective contacts and therapeutic contacts.

Corrective contact lenses are used to correct the vision. Cosmetic contact lenses are used to change the appearance of the eye to give you improved look or to enhance beauty of your eyes and the most popular these days are dual colored contact lenses. They can sometimes used for corrective purposes also.Therapeutic contact lenses are used in treating non-refractive disorders of the eye.

Colored contact lenses are one of the moving cosmetic lenses today that are used for fashion purposes. A pair of colored contact lenses can transform your appearance by making your eyes more attractive and beautiful. Colored contact lenses can sometimes be clubbed with corrective lens features also. Colored contact lenses are of two types' single colored contact lenses and dual colored contact lenses. Single contact lenses as name suggests are offered in one single color only. But dual color contact lenses offer many benefits over single color contact lenses.

Dual colored contact lenses have two layers of color pigment wearing which can instantly make your eyes look bigger and better and also greatly attractive. These lenses provide more color definition and deeper contrast than standard single-color lenses. These dual contact lenses are perfect for those who are looking for color change that is rich and vibrant.

They are offered in prescription also. These are most recommended for those with dark brown color eyes where a complete transformation can be seen instantly. Dual colored contact lenses are available in wide range of colors which include dual aqua, dual crystal brown, dual coco brown, dual jade green, dual hazel, dual violet and dual night grey.

They are available as extended wear, disposable and also daily disposable, you can select the same depending on your convenience and budget. Dual color contact lenses are offered in the form of soft lenses which are most convenient and comfortable even for those who are wearing it for the first time.

If you are looking for best place to buy colored contact lenses then nothing can be better than Coco Contacts , where you can buy them from the comfort of your home. Every now and then there are new contact lenses launched in the shops which can be easily checked in Coco Contacts online store. But it is advisable for you to consult an optometrist if you you have never worn contact lenses before as they can show you how to properly put them in and clean them.

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