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If any person wants to take his kid out on his birthday or at the day the kid got passed or achieved something special, then he should take him out to let him watch his favorite team playing. This thing will definitely make the day very special in his or her life. But this in not just like that, to make the surprise real special you should do and manage things in a way as it would increase the enjoyment.

First of all booking the tickets of the game in advance is a very good idea, as you will not have to stand in the line for hours and hours. Also you should book the seats which are very near to the pitch as this will let your kid see the match clearly or your kid will be able to get the glimpse of his favorite player. After booking the ticket you should then arrange the vehicle to take your kid there. If you do not own one, then you should also book the taxi in advance, which will definitely be going to save your time. And then you can reach the stadium on time to see the game.

Food is next in the list, as arranging the food which is the favorite of your kid will add to the enjoyment of the game. Or taking him out to his favorite eating place would be the best to make the day memorable for him.

If you are a husband and you want to take your wife out on her birthday or any important day or on your wedding anniversary then you can easily do it by considering different things. And if you plan to surprise her with the live concert of her favorite band or artist, then you should manage things first. Like booking the tickets in advance for the concert is the best idea. Also taking her out to her favorite place to eat also makes her day best.

To make the day memorable for your loved ones is very easy if you do things perfectly. And this could only happen when you manage things well, so you should do things in advance. Also you should consider all the aspects about the event and the surprise to make it 100% workable. You can make the day or event memorable by just doing things differently.

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