Make Protestors Support Illegal Aliens

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General Al Sharpton is slowly making his way toward Arizona. First he had to get the blessing of Commander Dithers, then it was off to the hairdresser, and track suit maker. I used to call Reverend Sharpton Fat Al…but then I had to switch that designation to another dangerous shyster, the private plane flyin', limo ridin' weather wonk, Fat Al Gore.

We'll soon be seeing more of Fat Al as Dithers moves on to cap and trade legislation, or Tax and Spend Your Money II. Fat Al has been at home dropping compost as he fears the Democrats could lose their majority in November…and he could lose his fortune.

All kinds of folks are weighing in on the Arizona law, and you can bet that large numbers of the protestors will be illegal immigrants themselves. This morning Shakira, the booty shakin' singer from way south of the border said she would show up at rallies to lend support. That's what we need…more citizens of other countries to get involved in what isn't their business. Maybe somebody should put out a call for Bono, and letz git Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, if he isn't still busy in Haiti. (To give credit where credit is due, Sean Penn put his money where his mouth is on Haiti, and deserves credit for it.) With Penn, it's his politics I can't stand.

Now Shakira is from Columbia, or Venezuela, where she ought to be busy enough helping the people there. Columbia is a narco-state, and Venezuela is run by the clown prince Hugo Chavez, a good friend of Dithers. What we should do is make the illegal immigration supporters pay for their beliefs. We should assign illegals to them, and make them responsible for their food, clothing, shelter, and medical expense.

For instance, let's send about three dozen illegals to Jon Stewart's crib, and let him sort it out. And if those people get into trouble, let Jon pay for their attorneys, and if they have children, let him support them too. Because you can never have too many illegals.

The reality that won't be faced here is that Mexico is using the United States as its welfare system. This is a government policy in the most corrupt country in the world, and that includes the Russians, Afghani's, and Nigerians. Not only is Mexico one half step from being a narco-state itself, it is also incompetent beyond measure. They have squandred all their resources, and it's no wonder everybody wants to work for the drug kingpins, because at least they pay enough money to put food on the table.

The only problem with the narco system is that when you screw up at work…you don't get a warning, or get sent to human relations. What happens is…you get shot, along with your family…if you're lucky, and the jefe doesn't want to entertain himself that day by performing surgery without any drugs to put you under.

So here's the plan. Anybody that voted Democratic in 2008 gets assigned at least 3 illegals, and is charged with their welfare. We just get the polling data, and get this thing rolling. Oh, and don't sell your old car,because the illegals need a way to get to work. And don't complain if you lose your job because they'll do it cheaper. And no, you don't get a tax credit for keeping them in your crib. You get a tax increase so we can subsidize more of them coming across the border.

A friend of mine who works in the Texas border area told me this week that the area he works in is a war zone. He told me they are outmanned, and even outgunned, which in Texas, is saying something. Dithers is never going to solve the problem. He wants the votes in 2012, and by standing with the illegals, he thinks he'll get them. The "Bring Us Together" President is playing the race card early, and often.

It is now imperative that you learn how to protect yourself. When the door opens, you never know who might be coming in.

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