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A couple of weeks ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate University and it has taken me from the sidelines of making money online and put me on the field where all of the big boys play. Over the years I have spent a scary amount of money on E-Books that promised to show me the "secret" when it came tomaking money online and affiliate marketing but needless to say the large check never arrived in the mail. After the first week at Wealthy Affiliate University I learned more than I had in the previous two years and the dozen E-Books I have purchased.

Turns out there is no "secret" when it comes to making money online only the right way and the wrong way. Wealthy Affiliate University took a topic like article marketing and instead of summing it up in a cute little article they expanded on the topic to the point it is now a eight week accreditation course, are you getting the picture here, and they did the same thing with PPC marketing. At time the amount of material available is almost overwhelming but then I remember and realize there is a reason why a four year Yale graduate is paid more than the guy who graduated from community college.

One of the best parts of Wealthy Affiliate University is there private forum that is full of people who have been up and down the highway ofmaking money online who now go out of their way to help the new guy on the field, accreditation courses are great but having someone who can answer every question that you can possibly think of makes this membership priceless.

Now it is time for the cherry on top of the cupcake if you join Wealthy Affiliate University today they will throw a free E-Book in as a welcoming gift. So your choices are (A) Beating Adwords - One of the top selling adwords E-Books every written which can still be bought and worth every penny at $67. (B) Inside The List - Any long term successful affiliate marketer will tell you that the money is in the list and this book will tell you how to grow yours very quickly (C) Who Loves Money - An E-Book on how to make real money online with nothing in your bank account.

It is time for you to make a decision and the choices are do you want to keep doing the same thing that you have been doing which has not worked or is it time to get off the bench and on the field with the big boys over at Wealthy Affiliate University

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