Make Money Selling and Recycling Old Mobile Phones

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Mobile phone usage has grown exponentially more in the last 5 years than ever before and the market is set to grow even more again over the coming 5 years. We replace our mobile phones every 12 - 18 months and we do this millions times over every week. It is estimated there is over 100 million old mobiles that have been replaced by newer models just lying around unused in peoples drawers around the world. Unfortunately it is also estimated that we only recycle about 10% of of those 100 million mobile. The rest are either lost, forgotten about or have ended up in a landfill site after being thrown away by its user.

Mobile phones need to be recycled. There is a massive mobile recycling initiative happening now to recycle old mobiles and other electrical types of gadgets. To deal with the safe and correct disposal of these types of electrical gadgets. New legislation has actually been introduced that says it's illegal to throw away mobile phones and that you have to recycle them. And with many ways to recycle mobile phones now there is no excuse for throwing old mobiles in the bin. So there are mobile phone recycling companies set up to handle the recycling of mobile phones and give people a way to help them do so too.

These mobile recycling services make it easy for you to sell and recycle for cash your old or unused or even broken mobile phones. Even broken mobiles are still purchased for cash because they are still valuable. Mobile phones contain precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum and others that can be extracted and refined in a smelting process to be used again in the making of new products. Gold is actually an excellent electrical conductor and is used on the circuit boards in mobile phones and other electrical gadgets. But mobile phones also contain other materials such as Lead and Coltan and Brominated Flame Retardants that is used in mobile phone batteries. These materials can have a damaging effect on the environment and fragile ecological systems. Even though most landfill sites are designed to contain hazardous and toxic chemicals it could still be a risk in the future.

So if you have an old mobile phone. If you need to raise a little cash. You can do so with a mobile phone recycler. You can get cash for it and help the environment at the same time. There are a good few around online you can find by searching. Most all have different benefits and features to offer you. But most pay you by cheque or bank transfer for your mobile in days of receiving it. Some even pay in different ways such as Vouchers or Store Credit for many high street stores.

Never could these types of recycling services come at a better time for many people. The young and old alike are enjoying the rewarding benefits of recycling for cash.

To see a list of the UK's top mobile phone recycling services you can use to sell your old mobile phones to along with other things including electrical gadgets, old Cd's, DVDs and Ink-jet cartridges. And how each one pays to get the most money see the SellYourMobile site at

Sell Your Mobile

Having a keen interest in environmental issues and working close with mobile phone recycling iniatiatves affords knowledge on how to make money and help people and the environment at the same time by selling and recycling mobile phones and other electrical types of gadgets. Sell the Sell Your Mobile site at for more information on mobile phone recycling and how to get the most cash for your mobile.

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