Make Merry Easter 2012 with Few Fresh Ideas

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Easter day is said to be the most important feast day in the Christianity. According to the Christian myth Lord Jesus come alive from his death on the very third day after the crucifixion. On the day of ester Christians celebrate the day of resurrection of Jesus with lots of good things and happiness around every where. The Easter is said to be the ending day or the last and foremost day of the holy week. The day of Easter never falls on the exact day as it falls in the previous year. Every time the date keeps on changing with the comparison of eastern and western calendars.

Easter Sunday is the day of celebration of Lord Jesus resurrection. This day of Sunday has a great story behind it which goes as:
After the crucifixion the body of Lord Jesus was kept down in the grave away from the cross on which he was put on to. One Sunday morning everyone was eager to see the Jesus but unfortunately no one can found his body in grave not even enemies and friends. After this miracle it is been said that Lord Jesus resurrected and hence the day was celebrated in the recursion of Jesus.

Easter cards are very beautiful and most attractive way to express the thoughts on the day of Easter. There are many cards in the galleries which can provide you Christmas sayings and music on them. The card expresses the true feeling so select the one which can express you. Easter cards available in lots of verities such as simple cards with Easter riddles and saying and decorative cards such as the musical cards which have prayers enchanting in it.

The day of Easter 2012 is falling on April 8 according to Western calendars and falling on April 15 according to Eastern calendars. The year of 2012 will not be less enjoyable then the previous years. Easter every year celebrated with same joy and enthusiasm. The year of 2012 although is not predicted yet but lord Jesus will be there in every birth with us by this hope Christians and other peoples who followed it will pray on and on.

Easter egg is very special part that is being given to celebrate the Easter day. Easter egg is said to be the most ancient tradition is to use the dyed or painted chicken and the egg, but in the modern custom is to substitute the decorated eggs, or the artificial plastic eggs filled. These eggs are most often kept hidden, allegedly by the, for children to find on Easter morning.

These eggs have their special importance on this day. Egg costume and the Egg stuffs are also being used in this day such as pastries and cakes. The Easter egg is said to be the luckiest thing for the Easter. The rabbits are also the part of Easter and they carry the huge egg with them. On this day you can experience the happiness of the Christians In the remembrance of Lord Jesus.

easter day is a great feasting day of Christian and they celebrate this easter sunday with great pomp and enthusiasm and also having new hopes and expectations. Celebrate your easter 2012 with lots new ideas and find stunning Easter cards for greet someone.

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