Make Im Sorry Letters To Ask For Apology

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Mistakes are believed to be part of everyone’s life. I am sure that everyone has surely made a mistake on a point of his or her life. Mistakes can be big or small and intentional or unintentional. It is normal to feel regret after the mistake and you badly want to take in all the words you said. Well, nobody can turn back time I’m sure of that. What you can do is to ask for apology and make it up with the person affected.

There are many ways available to say Im sorry or ask for apology. There are some who spend too much effort by doing special favors for the person affected such as cooking the favorite dish of the person affected. Some give special gifts such as flowers and chocolates. Personally, I believe that the most effective way to ask for apology is to write Im sorry letters. It is personalized and is the most genuine way to ask for apology. The other person can keep it as a remembrance of how important he or she is for you.

If it is your first time to write for Im sorry letters, then worry no more. Below are the steps you can follow to make effective Im sorry letters.

Step 1: List all the things you want to say sorry. If you were going to say sorry about many things, making a list would be easier.

Step 2: Make a rough draft of your letter. You do not need to mind on your grammar and spelling. Just express yourself and what you want to say.

Step 3: Say sorry on the first paragraph of the letter. If the person is still angry, this can calm them. This will also encourage them to read the letter further.

Step 4: Acknowledge the things that you want to say. By doing this, it means that you are taking responsibility on your wrong actions.

Step 5: State the reason for doing so. This will give you the chance to explain your side. However, do not do this on all the parts of your letter as this may imply blaming others for your actions.

Step 6: End the letter by saying sorry. Leaving your letter with a sorry will leave a mark on the person. This will also show sincerity.

Step 7: Re-write your letter on a clean piece of paper. This is the right time to check your spelling and grammar. However, these things are not that important, what makes this letter special is its content and intention.

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