Majestic & Plumbing Is Your 24 Hour Savior

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When the alarm clock screeches at 6am, you slowly roll out of bed and rub your eyes. You glance at your husband for a moment, and a quick memory of your wedding day flashes in your mind then dissipates as quickly as it surfaced.
You can hear the kids running down the hallway, and this is your cue to wrangle your children in the kitchen for their morning breakfast. When you enter the kitchen, your children are speaking simultaneously, so you wildly wave your hands in the air to signal for a moment of peace. After you mentally record everyone's breakfast order, your husband runs into the kitchen, and pours himself a cup of coffee then joins the children at the breakfast table.
While you are making breakfast, you are attempting to listen to your husband, which is a specialized skill that you have acquired over ten years of marriage. As you are flipping the eggs in the skillet, you decide to take off your wedding ring and set it on the sink to prevent your ring from getting scratched.

As your husband moves from the kitchen table to the living room, you watch your wedding ring, in slow motion, fall into the kitchen sink and plummet down the drain. At this point, you are in disbelief and you slightly gasp. Your husband says, "Are you ok? Is there anything wrong?" You respond with a smile, and shake your head, "No."
Emergencies are never convenient.
Majestic Electric and Plumbing services in Marrietta, GA is your 24 hour emergency savior. We service residential and commercial plumbing in Atlanta, including, 24 hour emergency plumbing services in Marietta as well. For emergency plumbing service in Atlanta, or commercial plumbing service in Atlanta, our technicians are highly trained professionals that are happy to service you.
We arrive at your convenience.
After you call our office, we will set an appointment for our technician to arrive at your home on time. Majestic Plumbing & Electric technicians will treat you with a professional demeanor, and they will give you a detailed estimate cost analysis before they begin any tasks. If you have any questions, our technicians encourage you to ask questions because your customer satisfaction is our guarantee. If you are a new customer, we recommend that you use a $50 discount voucher on any repair, which is located on our website.

Each emergency requires special attention.
Radvan says, "I called out Majestic Plumbing for a potential issue. They were on time, made a professional check and determined that work wouldn't be necessary (luckily for me!). No charge and no attempt to Ďmake work'. Impressed by their attention to detail. Glad to have found them; they'll be first to be called next time. "
If you are worried that your last memory of your wedding ring was falling down the drain, you need to call Majestic Plumbing & Electric to schedule an emergency appointment. We are available 24 hours a day by calling 404-798-1269, or you can fill out our convenient online form located on our website.
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