Maintaining An Updated Database With Phruit’s Help

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For maintaining an updated consumer and business database, you must get it cleaned and updated regularly; the process of doing this is referred to as Data Cleansing or data scrubbing. This service should be provided by any reputed Call Centre. Phruit Limited is one such well known Call Centre offering services in Lead Generation, Market Research, Telesales, and Hot Key Transfers apart from Data Cleansing.

The consumer and business database of any company has to be maintained by updating and regular cleansing; so that it is has the accurate information and nothing else. If your database has wrong information or has not been updated for a long time, you will find that some of your communications are not reaching the intended recipients.

For instance, someone might be on your consumer databased who has deceased. If you do not cleanse your database constantly, you will keep sending him direct mails since you do not have that information. This may annoy the family members and also incur heavy losses for your company in the form of direct mails that have been wasted. It may also be that another person on your list has shifted his residence or a company has shifted its location, and if you do not have knowledge about that, you will keep sending the direct mails.

Let Phruit step in

Companies and businesses based in the UK and offshore can hire the services Phruit Limited offer. The Data Cleansing service from Phruit has been developed in such a manner that it meets all your business requirements and also has the capacity to maintain the integrity of your consumer as well as business database. Phruit has named its Data Cleansing service Refresh and the service is designed perfectly for helping you conduct a complete audit of your database.

This service helps you to retain the new feel in your database, so that there are no negative effects on the marketing response rates, the campaign costs, and there are no risks that are engaged. The service also ensures that the communications are following the recent regulations.

Refresh services for ultimate satisfaction

Refresh Clean is responsible for cleaning and updating all the names, contact information and telephone numbers which are provided on the consumer and business database. This assures you that all your emails and direct mail will reach the right recipients.

Refresh Validate verifies that all the names, telephone numbers and contact details provided on the database are accurate. This will assure the clients that the direct mails are deliverable.

Refresh Suppress points out all the customers and businesses who are not interested in or are simply unable to respond to your communications. The reasons for this may be absence, bereavement, preference services registration, or CCJ Suppression. This is a service that decreases to a great extent consumer annoyance and wastage costs.

Refresh Match works by identifying the duplicate records. This also helps in reducing wastage costs and consumer annoyance.

Refresh Enhance uses additional details and information to know if the right offers have been made to the intended recipients.

Phruit Limited is a highly popular Call Centre service provider in Nottinghamshire. The company offers brilliant solutions for business problems utilizing cost effective methods.

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