Main Forms Used in Film Expressions

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To understand the differences between Chinese and western films is a good way to know more about our film, to find a proper way for its development.

In the last article I’ve talked several most used expression ways adopted in films, now I would like to continue this topic to finish the other several ones with my acknowledge in this filed.

Screen Effect: screen movie screen on the role of the artistic image in the audience raised a variety of psychological emotional response. Movie screen and sound elements, which are complementary to the rich changed actions, sounds, colors, styles, rhythms, meanings, and also to stimulate the audience, as a way to produce a wealth of screen effect. Screen effect is a special and complex effect of audio-visual stimulation.

Screen Modeling: the art of film generally performances the elements in the face. Being different with the spaces static plastic, screen shapes are not only combined with the exercise of temporal and spatial modeling, but also draw a combination of acoustic modeling. In the combination of sound and painting and the spatial-temporal appearance model, there contains the wealth of artistic language and expressions.

Movie Rhythm: It is one of the vital aspects of film arts. The art of film-paced movies is the composition of all elements and response to the audience physiological and psychological effects. Rhythm in film exists in the flow of time, and also in space of exercise patterns, as well as time and space in the General.

Curate Chauvin effect: Soviet film director Andrei. In order to clarify its’ role, he made a well-known lens splicing experiment. From his experiment, Curate Bischoff concluded that: emotional reaction is caused by the movie, not the contents of a single lens, but some of the relations between the screens, the lens group are the role of accessing and editing. This is the so-called Chauvinist effect Curate.

Objective lens: Mostly speaking, it is to use cameras to shoot a total perspective of the majority of people being at the scene. These lens-visual effects on screen can bring the audience a common real feeling, to the objective purpose of the performance.

Space Lens: refers the lens that there is no figure appeared but only landscape. It is a significant method to express the thought, content, story details, the emotional mood, and to convert screen time and space, and also an important means to regulate the rhythm.

Space-time conversion skills: A mean to show a transformation of certain period of time, space or paragraphs in order to cause a variety of means of artistic effects with the use of many other different techniques like cut, overprint, zoned, flash back and so on.

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