Mahjong Solitaire An Exciting game!

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Mahjong Solitaire game is one the most exclusive and wonderful tile matching games. It is one of the most hunted games online and becoming popular day by day. As it may be mistaken with the themes that this game is very ancient but contrary is true, as this game was initially given as university project but gained immense interest amongst students so it was launched as an online game. This game can be simple to a bit addictive as you have to match the tiles and clear the board in a stipulated time. Hidden are the treasures and hints that make you glued to your screen while playing mahjong online solitaire.

Activision an American company first launched the series of Mahjong solitaire in the year 1986. That time the game was called Shanghai. The game soon hit the sales record and became a jackpot for the company. Since then many versions of this game have been released. It has been reported that this game sold ten million copies. Some of the versions of this game are Mahjong connect, Simple Mahjong, Mahjong3D, etc...This game is supported by all Windows operating systems, Mac, and DOS platforms.

This tile board game has 144 tiles (keeps increasing depending upon difficulty level). Each tile represents an image which can be a animal, flower, season or any random picture. The tiles are arranged in such a way that it is higher in the centre and forma a grid shape overall. When you begin the game the computer layers out the board randomly at the beginning. And the clock gets ticking as you start playing on board. There can be hundreds of layouts differing in size, number and height.

So you win the game if you are able to clear the board in the given stipulated timing then you win that level. Mahjong Solitaire is a unique game with many features and combinations to layout on a board and will keep you busy lot of time while you stay glued on board matching the tiles. You have an array of choices for selecting grid themes and graphics.

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