Magnetic Generators and the Difference Between Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets

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We are reading a lot on the Web about magnetic generators and their ability to generate free energy.

The idea that we can generate our own electricity simply by building a device using inexpensive magnets is absolutely amazing. If it is possible to generate electricity without relying on any external fuel source other than magnets then it won't be long before commercial magnetic generators are being produced.

I have seen them called electromagnetic generators, permanent magnetic generators, perpetual magnetic generators and magnetic power generators.

Being an ordinary non-scientifically minded individual I find it all a bit confusing.

So what is the difference between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet?

Permanent magnets can be made out of many different naturally occurring substances of which magnetite is the most powerful. They can also be made out of synthetic substances such as neodymium. A neodymium magnet is the strongest type of permanent magnet and is sometimes described as a super magnet.

Electromagnets are far stronger than even the most powerful permanent magnet.

The electromagnet was invented in 1825 by William Sturgeon, a British electrician. He demonstrated that a seven ounce piece of iron that was wrapped around with wires and had a small electrical current running through it could lift nine pounds of metal.

An electromagnet becomes magnetic only when an electrical current flows through it and a generator that uses electromagnets or "field coils" requires a flow of electricity through the electromagnets for the device to work. If there is no flow of electricity through the wires then it does not work.

The magnetic generator however uses the rotating magnets to generate electricity in the first place. It generates more energy than is required to keep the magnets rotating and so you can use the excess to power your home.

The plans that we see on the web detailing exactly how to build your own magnetic power generator use permanent magnets not electromagnets.

Abi Wright is an online researcher on the subject of Green Energy in general and the Magnetic Generator in particular. You can find more insights and research into how people all over the world are using this new technology to generate their own electricity at

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