Magna-Tiles: Entertaining Children for 10+ Years

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For more than 10 years, Magna-Tiles have been entertaining kids from preschool and up - and their parents and teachers - as a durable, engaging toy that helps develop small-motor and cognitive skills through hours of open-ended play. "Developmental toys make a
difference," said Doug Morris, owner of "Regardless of age, kids learn through play. They need educational toys that are engaging and open-ended. A great learning toy like Magna-Tiles provides different possibilities each time a child plays with it."

Lightweight, geometric tiles of varying shapes, sizes and colors, MagnaTiles offer kids the ability to construct infinite numbers of two- and three-dimensional shapes and figures. The edges of each tile are safely embedded with ceramic magnets.

While imagination is strongly encouraged, Magna-Tiles also comes with an Idea Guide featuring suggestions for sparking creativity. For example, Magna-Tiles can form figures as advanced as elephants, spaceships, flowers, goldfish and even the Eiffel Tower! Used in thousands of preschools nationwide, teachers say that kids play with Magna-Tiles for longer periods of time than many other toys.

With its unique shapes and properties, Magna-Tiles help develop a wide variety of skills in children, including patterning, building skills, shape recognition, fine motor skills, 3-dimensional thinking and magnetic principles. Here are some other things you can do with Magna-Tiles:

  • Create cubes, pyramids, unlimited geometric shapes;

  • Provide creative stimulus through simple and fun construction;

  • Learn math and spatial relationships through creative building;

  • Make unlimited combinations of colors and shapes;

  • Engage in spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking and math reasoning;

  • Learn two-dimensional or advanced 3-D thinking patterns; and

  • Provide stimulus and right-side brain training through creative play!

Magna-Tiles come in a variety of sizes and types:

  • Magna-Tiles® 32-Piece Standard Set: Features opaque tiles in a variety of colors. Includes 14 3x3-inch squares, two 6x6-inch squares, four isosceles triangles, four right triangles and eight equilateral triangles.

  • Magna-Tiles® 32-Piece Clear Colors: Features transparent tiles in a variety of colors. Includes 14 3x3-inch squares, two 6x6-inch squares, four isosceles triangles, four right triangles and eight equilateral triangles.

  • Magna-Tiles® 48-Piece DX (Deluxe): Features opaque tiles in a variety of colors, as well as eight additional unique tiles, including some with holes and curved sides, a magnetic "door," and one 3x6-inch piece with wheels for constructing vehicles.

  • Magna-Tiles® 100-Piece Value Set: Available in both opaque and transparent colors, this set is great for larger structures and creations.

  • Magna-Tiles® Working Trucks: This set includes 4 wheeled base units, 2 wheeled trailers, lights, cabs, bumpers and other large and colorful pieces that are easy to hold and very durable.

Magna-Tiles have won numerous toy industry awards including Dr. Toy's "10 Best Educational Products," Parents' Choice Gold Award, Early Childhood News Award and Parenting Magazine "Toy of the Year." is dedicated to providing fun, educational toys for kids up to age 10. The site is a member of ASTRA (the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association), an organization dedicated to providing the best in developmental, educational and learning toys.

For more information on Magna-Tiles, come visit us.

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