Magician- They Are Truly Marvellous!

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Magic is a performing art that entertains audience by creating illusions that seems impossible to an ordinary person. These tricks are supernatural in action, thus have a great impact on the audience. The person who performs such supernatural feast is called magician or an illusionist. There are many forms of magic like prestidigitators, conjurors, mentalists or escape artists. They use one or more than two or three forms of magic to create an act to impress his viewers. Further they blend these forms with humor and dance to create a unique performance. Their on stage performance is a fusion of serious magic with a taste of humor to connect themselves to the audience.
Magician is a person who has some supernatural and non rational means to create illusion to obtain certain objectives. They are the followers of mystery religions which may not be revealed to outsiders. The popularity of mystery cults flourished in the mid fourth century. These religious cults were secretly worshipped by different religions and communities according to their belief.

Magician are sometimes referred as a Psychic entertainers who use telepathy, clairvoyance (extra sensory perception), divination, parapsychology and hypnosis to stage various act. These mentalists demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities to perform on the stage. They stage paranormal experiences on the stage though these experiences are outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.

These illusionary practitioners are skilled person who are trained in Sleight of hands, popularly known as quick fingers that use different set of techniques like manipulating cards and coins. Card sharp persons have a special ability to handle cards to create illusion to win card games. These prestidigitation tricks needs hours of practice and dedication to master. But the proficiency of this trick is the basic learning of magic. It is not a branch of magic but it is a simple technique to attract the audience.

One other commonly used trick by the magician is escapology; it is the practice of escaping from the traps like handcuffs, coffins, steel boxes, burning building, fish tanks and gunny bags. Often these tricks are used in combination with other tricks. These daring acts have genuine effect on the audience.

Magicians are often referred as enchanter who enchants some special words in a ritual to invoking the deity with intention to caste a spell on an object or a person. These types of magicians are the loyal followers of their beliefs. Sometimes they were also known as black magic practitioners. They have different levels and powers which were used to curse the bad spirits. Different religious traditions have described these mystical experiences in different ways. They explained their cult as the direct reunion with God through intuition, instinct or insight. They also follow the principle of Necromancy. Necromancy is a form of magic through which practitioner summons the spirit of a deceased person for the person to answer his query. These practitioners were called oracle who are the wise counsel who revealed and predicts their future.

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