Magic the gathering-what are the rules

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There are different rules for different games. There is no game which doesnít have rules, that if you want the game to be interesting. Having magic the gathering started since 1994, and has a couple of rules which have to be followed to see the game become more challenging.

It doesnít matter which mode of magic the gathering you are playing; online or offline; the rules will remain the same. Playing magic the game having these rules will help you win the game profitably. Beginning rules are very essential when starting the game. First, you need to establish the brief information about what the game entails. The Richard Garfield cards game was produced by Wizard of the Coast. Players in magic the gathering represent very powerful wizardsí which are battling with each other with various ranges of spells.

The players will start with twenty lives each. You will only win the game if the opponentís life turns to zero. This means that your target will be making your opponentís life turn to zero. Another way of winning the game is where your opponent canít be able to withdrawal the card. When you are starting the game, both of you (you and the opponent) need sixty cards each. Both of you will also require a flat area, for example a table where you can easily lay your cards. Layers will have to use their own means to record their own scores. Using a dice, paper and a pen is a good way of recording your scores.

The playing rules
Before any game starts, you have to shuffle the cards. The reason for this is to ensure that you avoid one person getting only the strong cards, which would make him or her easily win the game. Each of the party needs to draw opening hand of seven cards. The other cards left on the deck are drawing pile. It is used for drawing cards, only when it is so important as the game moves on. Another name for deck pile is a library. Near it is a graveyard, the place where you need to discard your used cards.

Card rules
There are basically two types of magic the gathering cards;

These cards provide the magical energy or mana needed in your spells. You can decide to lay out one of your magic cards and then make use of it as soon as when itís out in play. In order for you to amass mana from the land, you have to at the land itself by turning it in either side.

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As long as you understand these basic rules, then be sure that playing the game will be simple and fun. When you understand what is required of the game, you can be able to strategize yourself on how to counter your opponent and ensure that you win the game. If you want to play for cash, then be sure that the easiest way to ensure you donít fall in the traps of your opponent is by playing by the rules-keep playing.

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