Magic the gathering-the rules

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Have you ever played a game which doesn’t have rules, I mean a game which you just pay like that, no standards, no rules, nothing-that would never be a game. The same applies to magic the gathering. To have this game player in the right way and to taste what this game offers, you have to move by the rules of the game. Magic the gathering is one of the collectible card games which are completely detailed and at some times has complex rules. Nevertheless, you don’t need tom know everything about the game, understanding some basics will help you sail through to a winning end. The very important rule among the others is that if text in the card is different from the game rule, then the card which is next will at all times take precedence. This makes the game to be very challenging and an intricate game.

The games premise has two wizards; one for you and your opponent, having magical battle. Your cards become your spells. The deck plays a minimum of sixty cards, although the deck can hold more than that. However, remember that the more playing cards you have, then the les chances you’ll have for choosing your needed card.

Each of the players will start with twenty lives. When there are creatures in magic the gathering, they will protect the player by removing the damages. Thus, there are no creatures, then the player will hit the damage. Once the opponent reaches zero life, then you will have won the game

Usually, there is no consequence of choosing a match. The players have the option of starting another new game. But there are 2 circumstances where there may be some difference;

Where both players will have to withdraw a card randomly from the deck. This is called an ‘ante’. Whoever wins magic the gathering, keeps both cards.

Other instance is where you are playing ranking game. Depending on whether you will win or lose a game, you will then move either upwards or downwards. This ranking will determine whether you’ll have a chance in the tournaments or not.

The strategy
One way which you can know how the rules operate is by understanding the strategy. This is another way which you can easily win the game, while following the rules. A player isn’t allowed to have more than 4 of a specific card in the deck. This has the function of preventing the person from loading only the strong cards which would simply tear the opponent. Both of the players in magic the gathering have to first shuffle the game before the game begins.

There are two types of cards;
 Land cards
 Spell card
For you to focus on the game rules, you ned to understand that there are five different colors of cards;
The white –used for healing and also strengthening the creatures
The green-these are some of the strong creatures on the game
Blue-this is a thief’s card. It lets you to steal from your opponents cards
Red-If you need to destroy something immediately, red is your option.

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