Magellan’s Call Center Services in the Philippines

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One of the most successful call center companies in the Philippines today is Magellan Call Center. Many industry experts consider it as one of the oldest call center outsourcing companies in the Philippines and one of the few successful call center companies who survived Global Recession. So what made the company successful in one of the largest industries in the Philippines, the call center industry?

Magellan’s Call Center Services
Magellan Call Center is said to have been founded in 2005, a time in which the call center industry have taken its course to success. It gained popularity in the industry because of its aim, which is to offer small and medium companies with call center services of their own, allowing them to gain more success in their own market.

Part of their services to businesses includes mostly inbound calls such as business answering services, Order taking service, and reservation services. This allows business and companies to focus more on their core business rather than to expand their business to include their own call center service.

Growth of the Call Center Industry
Along with the growth and demand for call center services, many new call center agencies and companies have had success in the industry, such as Magellan Call Center. From a few agents, Magellan Call Center had expanded to over 300 hundred agents in two different offices. This made their services more reliable and successful in the market.

But according to many industry experts, the real reason why Magellan Call Center, and a number of call center agencies in the Philippines, gained a lot of success is because of offshore companies coming from other countries, such as in the US, to hire call center companies in the Philippines. This was the main reason why the call center industry had gained a lot of success in the Philippines.

The reason why companies from other companies chose the Philippines as their main base for outsourced services is because of the Filipino’s knowledge and fluency with the use of the English language. In addition to that, the Philippines is also known to have one of the cheapest workforce in Asia, which is why many companies around the world chose the Philippines.

This is also the reason why many multinational companies chose the Philippines as their base for expansion, such as Sykes, Accenture, Convergys, and eTelecare, which also boosted the Philippines’ competence in the world wide market.

Effects of Global Recession
Global Recession had also affected the success of Magellan Call Center like any other companies in the Philippines. However, the reason why Magellan Call Center have survived this is because of their services which remains to focus in providing call center services to small and medium companies to local and offshore companies.

Today, as Global Recession have steadily declined, many new call center companies and agencies in the Philippines are being established. And those that survived Global Recession, such as Magellan Call Center, have become the leading providers of outsourced call center services such as Order taking service to both local and foreign companies

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