Magellan Call Centerís Success in the Call Center Industry of the Philippines

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According to many industry experts, Magellan Call Center is considered as one of the most successful and leading call center companies in the Philippines. Part of the reason for its success is because of what the industry is known for, which is its outsourcing services in which many other industries have come to use in their own success.

The Start of Magellan and the Success of the Call Center Industry
Like the industry itself, Magellan Call Center started small, with only a handful of highly trained agents in one small office space in Metro Manila. However, though small, its popularity quickly grew in the market because of their call center services such as Order taking service and reservation services, which is aimed for small and medium companies in the Philippines.

The growth of the call center industry was because of the growth in demands by other industries in the Philippines. However, though the industry has grown, only a few companies were able to accommodate the price of each service that these call center companies and agencies can offer to them, which is why call centers such as Magellan Call Center became in-demand.

Because of this, Magellan Call Center became as popular as the industry itself in no time at all. Through its success in the industry, Magellan Call Center have continually expanded, which is now known to hold over 300 highly trained agents in two separate offices in Metro Manila.

Offshore Success of Magellan Call Center
According to many industry experts in the Philippines, the success of the call center industry of the Philippines wasnít only because of its local outsourcing services, but also because of its foreign outsourcing service.

Because of the success of the call center industry of the Philippines, many offshore companies from other countries have landed in the country to outsource their call center services, from the simple Order taking service to business-to-business services, to third-party companies such as Magellan Call Center.

Other than just the success of the industry, another reason why many offshore companies have chosen the Philippines as their base of outsourced services is because of Filipinos are known for their knowledge of the use of the English language, it being the second language of most Filipinos. In addition to that, the Philippines is also known for its cheaper workforce compared to other western countries.

Because of the significant growth of call center services by offshore companies, the number of call center companies and agencies have significantly grown in the market, although most of which were established by foreign investors, while other well established call centers such as Magellan Call Center have gained a lot of success in the industry.

Magellan Call Center of Today
Although Global Recession have cause a significant decrease in its business processes, Magellan Call Center still remained as one of the strongest call center companies in the Philippines. With their growing success in the industry, as well as their growing capabilities to offer the best call center services such as Order taking service to local and foreign companies, Magellan Call Center is set to be as one of the leading call center companies in the Philippines.

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