Magellan Call Centerís Services for Smaller Businesses

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There are many successful call center companies in the Philippines today, particularly in todayís growing demands for call center services. One of the most highly recognized call centers in the industry today is Magellan Call Center, particularly because of its rapid success in the Philippines.

Other than its success in the industry, it also gained a lot of recognition because of its Small Business Answering service which is aimed to provide smaller to medium companies and business in the Philippines. And according to many industry experts in the Philippines, it was because of these types of services which led to the success of the whole call center industry of the Philippines.

Success of Magellan Call Center in the Industry
Magellan Call Center was founded at the time in which the call center industry of the Philippines had started to grow, particularly because of the growing demands of call center services around the country. And like many other call center agencies in the Philippines, Magellan Call Center started small, with only a few agents in a small office space in central Metro Manila.

However, though operated small, Magellan Call Center begun to make small successes in the market, particularly when they started to offer their Small Business Answering service in the Philippines which aims to offer a chance for smaller businesses to have a call center service of their own.

Although the industry started as a means for business and companies to have their own call center service by outsourcing it to third-party companies, many smaller businesses canít normally afford their packages, which is why call center companies such as Magellan Call Center became in-demand in the Philippines.

Eventually, Magellan Call Center became successful in the industry, particularly now that the call center industry of the Philippines was recognized as one of the fastest-growing industries in the Philippines. And it was also at that time that many foreign investors have landed in the Philippines to do business with call center companies such as Magellan Call Center.

Effects of Global Recession

When Global Recession had hit the market, many call centers in the Philippines have closed down, particularly the smaller ones. But there are also those that survived that time, and one of those was Magellan Call Center. Part of the reason why they survived is because of their Small Business Answering service, in which their smaller clients kept their business afloat while others that depended mostly with their foreign clients have turned bankrupt.

Magellan Call Center of Today
Today, because of their success in the industry, Magellan Call Center became one of the leading call center companies in the Philippines which contributed to the growth of the call center industry of the Philippines. From a few agents, Magellan had already expanded to over 300 highly trained agents in two different offices in Metro Manila.

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