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There is various text based game, one among them is mafia Wars Cheats. It has become one of the most famous games on the internet now. You will become addictive to this game and feel great fun on this social networking site. Owing to the games attractive features you will stick onto your browser the whole day.

You can play the game more effectively with the Mafia Wars Help. There are certain and techniques and strategies you need to follow, you will find with useful information.

The main focus of Mafia Wars game is to develop a strong family and earn cash as much as possible. You can move on to the next advanced level with the help of them. It makes you one of the strongest in Cuba.

To become an expert in the game, right tactics need to be followed in mafia wars. This includes: Growing massive size of the family, defending the family, increasing family's wealth and making use of the points strategically.

You need to be the boss of the Mafia Wars game which should be your dream. It is all in the hands of the boss in growing the size of the family and making sure of no weak person in the family. The defensive tools and other items in the family are also under the control of the boss. It helps to attack the prospective opponents. Buying more properties by increasing the wealth of the family should be the main intention of the boss.

Double each level by scoring more defensive points in each level you are in. Feel of annoy can be made on by bragging gifts, so do not brag the gifts. Saving energy pack is one of the better option to win mafia and do not make use of them at all situation. Stone Cold Pimps is a trick that makes more people joins your mafia family.

You need to register in mafia mailing list so that you can receive timely updates, offers and rewards.

The mafia wars help strategies will really help you effectively to win the game It has been proved to be a interesting game to play all around the play.

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