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"New Amsterdam" may be the fourth tv show of Mad Men Period One, and characteristics the misguided attempts at ambition that almost causes Pete Campbell to lose his career. The Bethlehem Steel company is a huge account for any ad company to have, and Pete knows that landing such an account would make his career inside company and a larger extent the whole industry.
Pete decides to use a risk by pitching his ad suggestions for the lead Bethlehem Steel person in charge of marketing, and ends up ruffling Don Draper's feathers caused by a perceived overstepping of corporate hierarchy. Don pushes to fire Pete outright, and it's an extended-standing clash between two very similar characters in Don and Pete where it may be argued that Don sees an excessive amount of himself and the own past mistakes in daily life vicariously through Pete Campbell.
The firing doesn't take, as Pete's inlaws represent a substantial possible future account (Clearasil facial wash) and ultimately Don's all-consuming power at Sterling-Cooper is overruled by the partners (Roger Sterling and Bertram Cooper themselves) in favor of keeping Pete around rather than sending him to the arms of a rival ad company. Pete's personal life is in almost all the disarray, while he attempts to humble himself by asking the daddy he never truly respected for cash to be able to afford a brand new apartment for himself and the wife.

Pete's father is harsh, and doesn't trust Pete's choice of work, and ultimately rejects Pete's request, giving him no choice but to ask his inlaws (his wife Trudy Campbell's parents) who happily agree to front them the amount of money-but the act of counting on his wife's resources severely insults Pete's pride as a man along the way since he feels he must not have already been forced to request her be an aid to provide everything they require.
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