Macrame Bracelet Patterns - Still Fashionable After Decades

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Macrame is an exclusive form of fabric weaving with knots, which originates way back to the thirteenth century with Arabian weavers. There is quite a history. The method began as a way of making sure that towels, shawls and bed sheets don't untie but today, there are many fabrics derived from macrame. A macrame article is made from various knots represented in square knots. Regarding macrame bracelet patterns, the easiest one is the rectangular knot and it is very popular. Historians are still unclear of the macrame bracelets origins, however these things are still trendy in the east and west, and among men and women of all ages too. There are numerous macrame bracelet patterns, catering for many fashions and preferences and which enable people to match the models with their fashion. This article outlines trendy macramé bracelet patterns and how you can make your personal trendy macramé stuff. To learn which model best fits you feel free to keep reading.

The square knot, frequently called the reef knot or simply, the binding knot, was invented to fix a particular object with the help of a rope or thread. It is a rather simple procedure by adopting the 'right over left and left over right' technique of making two ropes as one. It is classified by many as a very safe knot that usually can only be undone if it was cut. If your special macramé bracelet model includes enhancing items like shells, beads and other small adornments, it is possible to bring it all together using this type of knot. Many other knots which can be used for a highly exquisite macramé bracelet pattern include Surgeon's knot, Shoelace knots, thief knot, Grief knot and the famous Granny knot.

To do any given knot, you must use thick cords of different colors and drawing pins. Once you have mastered one or two kinds of knots and have decided for a macramé bracelet pattern that you are proud of, you can then start to work. The designs with sea-shells will never go out of style. In addition to securing the chosen shells using the rectangular knot, you also have the choice of drilling a gap through the shell and fixing it to the string. This is of course, the easier and safer method, but it makes the whole macramé experience a bit less unique.

A few of the macramé bracelet trendy designs contain varying colors and fit well the reggae style, dual hitch macramé's, bracelet made from metal including metallic beads or spikes enclosed between thread knots, triangular and round bracelets, made by fastening the right colors of strings with the fitting knots. For the micro-macramé bracelet designs, you will need to use 2 mm thickness threads and apply much skill and persistence. These are loved by most customers owing to complexity in work.

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