Machine Embroidered Designs- Thoughts in threads

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Technically Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. But to a woman or any embroidery lover it is much more than that. Embroidery for a woman is the expression of her personality; it is the embodiment of her thoughts. She not only uses the fabric and embroidery designs to make it into some adorable creation but for her it is the canvas to give color and shape to her fancies.

Designs speak, trust me they do. The initials you sew on your lover's muffler spell love. The kitten covered mittens speak of the tenderness of the mother. Embroidery designs can be as soft as the baby's skin and as expressive as a lover's kiss. The right design embroidered on the right fabric in the right colors can create beauty beyond words. The magic of woman's heart can never be better expressed than on a fabric in form of threads. Colors, designs, sequins, threads, wool, silk, brocade, cotton, zari, satin, laces, beads, linen, these are just not materials, these are the flowers in a garden, a woman chooses in the right combination's to make that perfect bouquet. As an expression of thoughts and feelings, embroidery serves to be a perfect platform. It serves to unleash the creativity, to vent sentiments, and a tool for creation. Designs embroidered on different objects make great gifts. Not only they are usable but they also are personalized.

Different patterns and designs help in creating different effects. Initials of a name made into monogrammed embroidery look good on handkerchiefs, mufflers, and robes etc. Floral designs are good for tea-cozies, table runners, table covers, table mats, towels etc. Geometric designs work well on cardigans, tee-shirts, etc. Whatever the design or fabric may be, what matters is the feeling and care that goes into the work. But when a person has enough patience to sew a scene on a fabric, they must have the most amiable heart. Time is under heavy constraints these days. With long working hours, one can hardly find time to sit and sew. But with the advent of machine embroidery on the internet, time is no longer a hindrance. One can get as many designs on various sites and can easily get the work done according to their convenience.

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