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The world of art has a life beyond the human imagination
Aspen Colorado, (March 30, 2011) – Lyn Segal Fine Art

There are several fine art dealers in the market. Searching for an honest and trustworthy fine art dealer is a difficult task. It’s like the selection of the most precious piece of diamond from a coal mine. Art lovers can check out the Lyn Segal Fine Art gallery for creative masterpieces. An important thing about Lyn Segal is that her collection of paintings has a special quality. It is the base and platform of creativity that calls for art lovers’ attention. Lyn Segal is one of the best fine art dealers in New York and Aspen, Colorado.

Lyn Segal has a deep understanding of art and dealing with it puts you in safe hands. She has contacts with fine art pieces in New York and Aspen, CO that have a particular interest in the arts and a genuine understanding of it. She knows that art is a perfect blend of creativity, vibrant colors, thoughts and expressions in painting. She recognizes a sense of life in every picture and describes the world of art as having its own way of life.

Lyn Segal has a presence in both New York and Aspen, CO that allows her to maintain success. Her clients prefer to work with her because of her reputation in the art community, her results in previous art auctions, feedback from other clients, and the level of rapport that develops in the initial negotiations with both buyer and sellers of art. She works with high caliber people and keeps every detail discreet. Her New York and Aspen clients refer to her as the “one-stop shop for the best works of art.”

Lyn Segal's appreciation for fine art began at an early age. "I always loved museums as a little girl. I love to look at paintings and pretty pictures,” says the president of Lyn Segal Fine Art, who began dealing art privately after closing her brick-and-mortar gallery in 1984. Siegel's discriminating clientele span the globe, seeking out the Aspen-based art dealer for Impressionist, contemporary and Modern art and works from some of the art world's most iconic names, including Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Monet, and Renoir. Siegel defines her own style as traditional, "But I lean toward contemporary or modern works,” she says. "There's just a freshness to them; I like something with stark, life and energy”. Segal brings the same passion to her work, the impact of a stunning piece serving as her figurative muse: "When I sell a beautiful painting to people who I know will love it and appreciate it, that's when I feel inspired.”

What most influences the pieces you select for your clients?
Most of my clients today know what they want. It will come to me and inquire about a particular artist or work; in other words, they come to me for specifics.

What is your acquisition process?
I attended public auctions like Sotheby’s and Christie's. Sometimes I'll buy artwork and keep it as inventory, or the client may want to live with it for weekend. The way people buy art is very specific and very private.

What advice can you offer to collectors just starting off?
I tell my clients, "Go to art galleries everywhere and educate yourself.” I often take my clients to the auction house to explain the pricing and why some artists have more demanding prices than others

What's your most recent coup?
Across about three years ago, I sold a painting by Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida to a collector. A friend of mine, an academic who writes about the artist, brought the piece to my attention and asked if I could sell it. It is truly a beautiful painting.

What type of pieces can be found in your own home?
I am very eclectic. I've had everything from Western to 19th-century European art. Whatever I see that I like, I buy. But I'm an acquirer, not a collector. I like to acquire a piece, live with it, enjoy it and sell it.

Favorite design icon?
I like the uniqueness of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's work.

Favorite artist?
I love Salvador Dali. He's a genius, and I love his subject matter - the way he can twist things around and make everything so surreal. Plus, he is an amazing draftsman.

For more information or help selecting the right fine art dealer, please contact Lyn Segal in Aspen or Lyn Segal in New York.

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