LumiSlim And Strawberry Lipo Competitors With An Allied Purpose

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Lumislim is a non-invasive cold laser lipo system. It is not the traditional form of liposuction surgery as many of us are most familiar with. Lumislim is called non-invasive because it does not require surgical incision to induce the desired effect, which is ultimately a liposuction effect. Truly, no suction is involved at all, but rather a process called lipolysis, induced by the cold laser.

Another famous model is the Strawberry Lipo system. Again this is not traditional liposuction either. Actually, it operates off of the same principle as Lumislim. With both models, 3-4 pads containing the laser-emitting diodes are placed over the treatment area of the client's body. As described above, the process of lipolysis is induced.

The wonderful thing about this process of lipolysis is that it literally means "breakdown of fat" and that is in fact what happens. The non-invasive cold laser lipo device's laser pads deliver a very specific frequency to induce lipolysis in the fat cells of the treatment area. The reason that both machines operate in the same manner is the fact that there is only one particular laser frequency that induces the lipolysis necessary for the laser lipo machines to work.

Since this science of specific, fat melting, laser technology is wide open information, any company may choose to develop a cold laser lipo system and appropriately market it. We need to look at some distinctions when comparing models being considered for business purchase.

We know that the Strawberry Lipo system and the LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo system achieve the same results utilizing the same technology. The first step to gain some insight is to seek out detailed descriptions for each system. We have two competing companies that we want to consider and they both have a product with the same purpose, a helpful service to those who want safe, effective body shaping. The name "Strawberry" certainly is catchy, but you cannot base your decision on the superficial observations.

Beginning with the LumiSlim Pro, the first point demonstrated on the Crystal Medical website,, is the reason for the remarkable affordability of the machine at 3,999. This is well below standard prices for similar devices. Naturally this raises suspicions of inferior building materials and poor construction. However, they immediately continue to explain that the reason they are able to sell this medical-grade laser lipo machine at a reasonable price. They truly want to make this machine widely and easily available and they find a large retail price to be unjustifiable. That is a refreshing note to start out on. The page further explains the fiscal benefit it is sure to bring to a growing beauty salon or spa business. The measurable results keep clients coming back. Of course they do, it actually works!

The Strawberry Lipo website gives us a vision of its own product: What we first see is a large strawberry advertisement stating that Strawberry is "the fastest growing beauty and aesthetic brand" Once you have clicked off of that blaring interference; you notice the image of an attractive woman eating a strawberry while smiling at you. The description explains that this amazing development in laser technology has the ability to remove inches of fat from your body but also has applications that can treat bags beneath the eyes and even aid with smoking cessation. That certainly is interesting, but it does not immediately explain how it achieves this. At the bottom of the screen, there is a scrolling frame of testimonials that clarify Strawberry Lipo's affect on people's lives. The Strawberry Lipo retails at around 20,000.

Both machines appear to work in the same fashion, though one of them can give your eyes a bag boost and make you throw out the smokes. For an additional 16,000, that seems off just a bit. This offers you a point of view to consider when deciding on purchasing laser lipo machines. Naturally, you may go more in depth with the websites offered.

Stephen Soos
Crystal Medical Ltd

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