Luminique: The importance of deep cleaning

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We live in a society that constantly inundates us with images of beauty and glamour—be it from billboards and TV shows or magazines and commercials—that serve as constant reminders of the high premium out culture places on beauty. And most of us would admit that, on some level, this is all fairly superficial. But let’s be fair: While a total obsession with looks is indeed a little shallow, there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in one’s appearance, and, furthermore, we all know that something like skincare isn’t just about looks; it’s also about being healthy, about taking care of yourself. So on that level, it’s pretty important—certainly something worth working toward and thinking about.

So it’s important to think, for a moment or so, about the different ways in which we clean our skin, and how they ultimately shape the health and appearance of our face and body. For a lot of us, cleaning the skin is limited to soap and water—which isn’t bad, but not the best choice, either. The truth is, the face requires a fairly deep level of cleaning, and soap and water just don’t offer that. Actually, water only removes some of the dirt and oil that accumulates on your face during the course of the day—65% or so, in fact—and soap sometimes has the effect of clogging the pores rather than properly cleaning them out.

By contrast, Luminique has a product that remedies both of these problems. Luminique Cleanser rids the face of all dirt, oil, and impurities—not just the 65% that you get from water. And where soap can clog the pores, Luminique opens and cleans them, which means you don’t have as much dirt and debris causing irritation to your facial skin.

What this means is that the use of Luminique is going to result in a deeper cleaning for your face. And that may not sound like a big deal, but consider just how important cleanliness is to having healthy, clear skin; anyone who has been through teenage acne knows what an excess of oil and dirt can do to the skin. In this way Luminique is not just a beauty product, but something that promotes good health. It’s also something that will help you to look younger, healthier, and more vibrant—and in so doing, allow you to feel a greater sense of confidence in your own appearance.

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