Low fat cooking

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Do you eat Fatty foods regularly? Well, fatty foods is the roots of a number of diseases. Medical experts conclude that people who eat fatty foods are more likely to suffer from heart related diseases compared to those who don't. With this in mind, low fat cooking is gaining popularity for health conscious people.

Keep in mind that eating some fat is good for you as well. The secret is to keep a healthy balance between what fats you eat and the better food selection items. If you deprive yourself of all fats you will become unsatisfied with your food selections. However most people find low fat cooking helps them shed pounds, feel better mentally, and sleep better. They often exercise more as well because they feel a surge of energy that comes from eating less fat.

A balanced diet consists of protein, carbohydrates, lots of fruits and vegetables and yes, fats. Ideally the foods that you eat should be as close to their natural state as possible in order to get the most nutritional benefit out of them. In general the more processed something is the less nutritional value it has - and quite often the more calories it has.

Fat is king when it comes to calories. It weighs in at a whopping nine calories per gram. Carbohydrates and protein only carry four calories per gram. Since some dietary fat is necessary, it's wise to know which ones are best. It's no secret that there are good and bad fats. The easy way to figure which is which is by eyesight. If fat is solid at room temperature, it's not good for you. Butter, lard, shortening, some red meats, ice cream and cheese, all saturated fats, fall into this category. The next two types of fat are liquid at room temperature. Monounsaturated fats include olive, canola, and peanut oils, with olive oil being the best. The other type of fat is polyunsaturated; which encompasses corn, soybean and safflower oils.

Instead of using butter or oil to cook your eggs in the morning, spray the skillet with nonstick cooking spray instead. If you must use cooking oil, choose olive oil or canola oil over something like regular vegetable oil.

One of the components of unhealthy diet is eating food that has high amount of fat. Junk food, which is very popular across all age groups, is very high in fats and directly contributes to obesity. Hence, one of the ways of losing weight successfully is to eat foods that are low in fat and to combine it with regular exercise. Though the rate of weight loss in this case will be slower when compared to the popular 'slimming' diets, this weight loss will be permanent. The process of eating low fat food can be initiated right from your own kitchen by cooking food with reduced amount of fat using lean meat, vegetables and grains.

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