Lovely Lebanese Cheese Shawerma

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Here are the ingredients for a Lebanese cheese shawerma, which can be served with baguette-looking pita bread or rolled up in a lafa in order to hold the meat.

For marinating the lambs, (3 fillets of lamb)
¾ cup of red wine
½ cup of vinegar
1 lemon
2 teaspoons of pepper
Soy sauce

Marinate the above ingredients for a few hours and the roast it wholly.

For the garlic sauce,

½ cup of corn starch
1 tin of evaporated milk
Olive oil
4 cloves of garlic (minced)
A teaspoon of salt

Also get ready these ingredients;

4 sliced tomatoes
Half cucumber sliced
6 slices of cheddar cheese
Pita bread (store-bought)

The rich mixture of authentic Middle -Eastern food sends our taste buds to seventh heaven, and such luxury is available at our fingertips. Homemade shawerma can be prepared using simpler utensils, no need to purchase an expensive kebab grill for the occasion.

First, add butter to the pan, heated at minimum level. Then add half of the crushed garlic into the pan, pour in olive oil at the same time. Then, insert a full tin of evaporated milk to the mix. Add corn starch and stir frequently. Turn up the heat to a higher notch before adding the remaining garlic. Simultaneously add salt and cover the mixture with a lid.

The garlic mixture is poured over the roasted lamb and sliced into proportionate sizes to be consumed in between halved slices of pita bread layered with cheese. You could add sliced tomatoes and cucumber to complement the whole sandwich.

A shawerma, literarily means rotated, which is how the meat for this dish is usually prepared. Lamb, beef, turkey and chicken are the common options of meat for this large middle-eastern barbeque dish. The meat is topped with hummus and tahinni, which are made from chickpea puree. Alternatively parsley and mayonnaise could occasionally do the trick to diversify the flavors.

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