Lots of free gifts with mobile phones

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Deal makers have tried everything with free unlimited texts to more calling minutes to attract more customers. But free gifts has created a whole new ball game.

Marketing has long kept free gifts as a last resort which is brought out in festive seasons to attract more customers. It right up there with huge discounts and clearance sales. It brings a lot ease with which to further market these products. The same goes with mobile phone deals. Various free gifts are offered with mobile phone deals as well to keep the customers happy and interested.

Thus through this came the general idea of giving bile phones with free gifts. Mobile phone deals could be made interesting in many other ways as well but they were soon saturated. With so much competition in the market with millions of deals, for one to stand out needs a lot of help. Thus when extra calling minutes and unlimited texts could not cut it free gifts entered the arena.

Free gifts could contain anything. Most common ones are laptops as many deals have these slogans like free laptop with mobile phone deals. These dealas have become very popular and thus very competitive. Others have introduced offers like free television which is available with very high end deals. The television idea was simple that through this product one can bring even more entertainment options to the user. Certain mobile manufacturers use this method as a few produce television sets as well. One of the reasons why laptops were introduced by deal makers was that they also had mobile broadband deals.

Thus even with free gifts potential future customers were being made. A simple yet very intelligent idea but few understood it. One can also through such similar logic provide external hard disks or at least give a cool discount on them. Other products can be microwaves and also some products which help reduce radiation levels from the mobile phones can also be sold.

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