Lost, What happened to the Oceanic 6

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Lost: What occurred to the Oceanic 6
The writers of Lost deliberately left the fates of the main characters open ended at the finish of the series but for those of you who haven't observed the finale or could not work it out for your self here is what happened to the Oceanic Six:
Hurley: the lovable giant becomes the new Jacob and protector of island. He is chosen for his trusting, sort and nonviolent nature which also produced in such a nicely identified character all via the series. His right hand man is none other than Ben, who gets a second shot at helping to run the island.
Kate: the sexy centre of the like triangle in between Jack and Sawyer plays an instrumental role in helping Jack destroy the Man in Black. Jack and Kate declare their truly like for each single other and have a passionate kiss prior to they distinct destinies element them for the final time. Kate escapes on the Aijira airplane with Claire, Frank, Richard, Miles and Sawyer.
Sawyer: the handsome con man with a secret moral compass ultimately does the "appropriate thing" once a fantastic deal alot more. He double crosses both the Man in Black and Charles Widmore to turn them against one yet an additional. Sawyer assists to cost-free of charge Ben from below a trapped tree and escapes on the plane with Kate and Claire.

Sun and Jin: the Korean adulteress is captured and thrown in the polar bear cages on Hydra but is rescued by the Man in Black, Sayid and Jack. Jin and some others attempt to escape the island on Widmore's submarine but a bomb Jack bag thinks that concept. Sun gets caught under wall fragments in the explosion in the procedure and Jack and Jane are unable to save her. As the submarine floods Sun begs Jin to leave her behind how I learned he stays with her and they share one passionate final kiss prior to they each and every drown collectively, holding hands.
Claire and Aaron: following becoming dominated by the Man in Black Claire eventually turns on him following he makes it doable for her buddies did die on Widmore's submarine. Claire is ready to die on the island thinking she was a poor mother to Aaron that Kate convinces her otherwise and she escapes on the plane. Aaron is nonetheless becoming cared for by Claire's mother Carole Littleton.
Sayid: the Iraqi ex-torturer saves the other survivors in a heroic sacrifice. Sayid takes the bomb planted by the Man in Black in Jack's backpack and blows himself up, thereby saving the group from destruction.

Locke: it turns out that Locke seriously was dead all along - Ben utilized his death to convince the others to return to the island. The Locke on the island is really the Man in Black in disguise. He is ultimately buried in Jack carries on and fulfils his objective of protecting the island.
Jack: the leader of the group kills the Man in Black, professes like for Kate prior to their final parting and makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to relight the Heart, saving the island from destruction. The final scene of the series is Jack dying in the exact precise exact same location precisely where the very first scene of the series was shot, the smile on his face and Vincent the dog by his side.

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