Lost Mobile Tracking System

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Cellular phones are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, the more popular this technology is to people, the more frequent we have cell phone loss cases. Funny enough is that cell phone manufacturing companies have failed to curb this Fiasco even the latest cell phone manufacturing company in Zambia Africa has not put this fact into consideration. Perhaps those who tried to curtail this setback have failed due to various reasons.

The question is, what happens when cell phone owners lose there mobile phones? Probably what most of them do is to report the matter to the police station and wait in vain to see their lost cell phones. Because most people store vital information in their cell phones today, so when the lose phones they try to block the cell phone from being used again by simply calling their service provider and giving them all the details a bout the lost phone.

Today, we don't have to get worried when we lose our cell phones. We have cell phone companies that provide cell phone tracking services. This system is worth adopting. It is cheap to and reliable. At least one is sure of the cell phone back. There are no complications involved in this system. Everything has been minimized to software! If you want to protect your cellular phone you only need to have a license from an authorized company. Download the software and install it in your cell phone. The software notes your Unique IMEI number and your SIM card number. The software then requests for another preferred SIM number apart from your own and stores it. Incase your cell phone is stolen and your SIM card is replaced, the software keeps sending automatic SMS's to the preferred number provided after every thirty minutes. The SMS gives all the details about the new cell phone user.

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