Lost Business Telephone Calls Means Lost Revenue!

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If you have started a new business recently like me, you may find you're spreading your self thinly between tasks - one minute you're in the office, next your travelling to a client meeting and back. Do you know how many calls you have missed from potential clients? How much money do you think you may have missed out on by not being there to answer the telephone? You may be fortunate to have a partner at home to take messages, but what happens when she decides to go shopping.

Small Business Situation

If you're the only one who can answer client calls diverting your calls to your mobile isn't always the answer. If you're on public transport or the tube, you have to divert the call to voice mail - again a potential customer could have got away.

One solution is to outsource your call handling to a professional call answering organisation so they can deal with your incoming calls. For a small monthly fee you get a business telephone number, and a virtual receptionist to answer all your calls. Messages can be relayed to email or text and you can call them back when convenient. If it's meetings and leads that you require, then they can also arrange appointments for your using diary management tools so you don't lose the client at the first hurdle.

Equating this to Business Income.

It depends on how much your average customer is worth to you? lets say a sale is worth approximately £1000/year, and on average you lose out on 1 customer per month, then you are missing out on £10,000 pounds revenue a year. Even if you lose 1 lead a month and you convert 1 in 12 customers, then you have still missed out on a £1000 revenue. It costs far less than that to outsource your telephone calls to a call handlng company. Costs typically for a basic setup are around £30/month; a total of £360 annually. Work out the math - it's a no brainer!

Is your business suited to outsourcing?

Are all businesses are suited to outsourcing? If you are a company offering a technical solution, you may need to give your customers support and answer technical requests, but call centre analysts can also be trained up in these areas of expertise, prices of your services and so on.

Don't ever miss a call again and get a live PA solution for all your business needs.

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