Losing Rights in the United States

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Please safeguard YOUR rights! WE the American people are increasingly being hit HARD by our Federal System. A woman named Angel Raich just lost her case within the Ninth District Court for the right to make use of Medical Marijuana as everything else has failed her. Now in the nation the Judges care more to do with hanging on to their jobs a lot more than what's right by the people. In another case a Security Guard was attacked on the Job when he tried to stop the theft of TNT. It turned out later found out that it had been likely to be used at a School in CA. or at a Business. Now After 20 some years the doctors tried anything that they are able to giving him relief without a good or lasting result. Doctors were even giving him approximately 500MG of Morphine a day and 60MG of Endocet trying to manage the pain. He had been going through 12 or even more convulsions every day then blacking out from all of the pain. On his Website you can see that at C-7 fluid from his Spine has been blocked and crushing into his spinal-cord. His case is at last getting to be heard inside the Federal Court of Appeals.

The next step is for all of us all to face up for what is appropriate. How come we going worldwide killing others to shield rights when here in america the government takes Land and the Rights of people away at whim regardless of WE vote for? Now he is getting known Throughout the world and will eventually assist you in return for getting the news out about what north america Authorities has been doing to people. We've got to fight for those our rights, as many of you know the federal government has been supplying medical marijuana to a small group upwards of Two decades. In these 20 years the only issue is actually that as a consequence of age their sufferers have died off. If I'm correct you will discover only two remaining patients under this course of action, without question the us government sends to these limited number of one pound of pre rolled marijuana joints in the event you examine these joints they're as fat as cigarettes. One Pound, have you any idea the total number of joints this is. I advise you from experience that one pound is enough, if not more than enough that can help anyone that has a medical marijuana card for one month. Now not surprisingly these years the federal government says they don't have enough evidence to supply any credence to the fact that marijuana can deal with various different forms of pain. Or even if you want to be picky about it, they won't or haven't seen the necessity to give any details about what these original patients are treated for, and whether how it's helped them. Within this same period of time there has been a number of other studies from many medically supervised, in addition to medically organized companies that have put their time to study the results of marijuana for medical use. Funny how they may create good credible evidence that marijuana does, I repeat that they can find marijuana Has medical use to reduce pain, cut nausea, increase appetite. As well as help patients with Arthritis, depression, Anxiety including a long list of a lot of other symptoms.

Nowadays when economic times are tough enough on our citizens, the federal government still sees the desire to fill our court rooms, our jails and our prisons with people who're there as a result of marijuana arrests. From my opinion all this is sensible only from the stand point in the Governing administration, and quite a few of our representatives are attorneys, and who benefits from all these court appearances. It's certainly isn't the middle class or lower middle class, really it's getting to where we're becoming just like various other countries in the world where there are simply just two classes, Government, and also the poor. Kind of may sound like Egypt at this time doesn't it, or several other Middle Eastern Countries we send a great deal money and aide to. It's my opinion that our government has taken us there quicker than we should believe

Every one of us should do whatever we can to further improve life for all our medical patients no matter what the medicine is. We really should have an option, since of course it's our bodies we realize a lot better than anyone what can be done to create us feel some what normal.

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I am a medical marijuana user that has recently become one of the several growing numbers to get arrested for the marijuana violation. My biggest issue is I live in a state with out a medical marijuana law, and without going somewhere to obtain some medicine that is worth using, I'm stuck with marijuana from Mexico or somewhere else that doesn't really give a hoot about the quality with their product and intend to make the profits. Wise up America legalize this excellent wonder and tax it, our states could really make use of the revenue.

Our Laws must change, and no one can achieve this except the citizens in our great country.


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