Lose Weight Without Portion Control

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Many people are under the impression that in order to lose weight and get healthy that they need to count how man calories they are eating and that they need to control how large their portions are. But the amazing fact is that once you are eating the right kinds of foods you will naturally start eating the correct amount of food and will not have to starve yourself or exercise will power in order to eat a healthy amount. This article will show you how you can lose weight without controlling your portions.

Due to the many different kinds of diets that people are following many people are starting to develop an irrational fear of food. Many people think that if they just limit the amount of calories they eat then the will lose weight. But this ignores what kind of food you are eating. There is a big difference between eating 1000 calories of potato chips and 1000 calories of fresh spinach. The first has almost no nutritional value while the second is full of all the vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to be healthy.

One of the main problems with calorie restriction and portion control is that your body thinks that you are going through a starvation period. Your body will make sure to store as much of the food you do eat as fat in case there is even less food in the future.

The other problem is that your body loses a good sense of it's appetite because you are always hungry which causes you to snack throughout the day instead of having a nice filling meal. If you eat the right amount and right kinds of food then you will not feel hungry all day long.

Another issue is that your level of energy throughout the day will be in constant fluctuation because you are not eating the correct foods. If you eat food that contains lots of carbohydrates and sugar then you'll constantly be lacking energy and will tend to drink more coffee, tea and other caffeine containing drinks like energy drinks.

Finally portion control causes people to not feel optimally in terms of their psychology, mental clarity and feeling of well-being. You don't need anyone to tell you that if you are feeling miserable then it will be hard to stick to any kind of diet. In a short time you will go back to your old eating habits and you will have lost all your progress.

The solution is to make sure you satisfy yourself in the three important ways. First you must satisfy your appetite so that you are not feeling hungry all the time. A big determinant of this is not just how much you eat but also what you eat. Since food that consists mostly of carbohydrates or sugar will only fill you up for a short time. While protein and healthy fats will satisfy you for much longer.

Second you must also satisfy yourself in terms of the amount of energy that you give your body. You should have an even amount of energy throughout the day. Not needing to drink coffee every couple of hours just to stay awake. If you constantly need coffee and energy drinks to make it through the day then you are not satisfying your body's need for a healthy and sustainable source of energy.

Third, you need to satisfy your sense of well-being. There is no use in feeling down, upset, irritable or lacking in energy all throughout the day. If you don't feel good then your body is giving you a clear signal that you are doing something wrong and that you are not feeding your body correctly.

The key to being able to satisfy all these different needs is eating in a way that not many people know about. In order to give yourself all the nutrients you need so that you lose weight, yet feel good and full of energy is to eat as our ancestors used to in the stone-age.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about food and nutrition I highly suggest you take a look at the Paleo Diet. It is the diet that humans naturally evolved to survive and thrive one. I've written a free introductory guide book about the Paleo Diet which you can get from my site.

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